How to Improve English Writing Skills in BD

English Writing Skills

To improve English writing skills is the foremost requirement to blog in Bangladesh.

But English writing is not as hard as you think these days.

So fear of a foreign language makes you sliding backward.

I pause for a while, imagine, but get confused.

How to build a money-making blog in BD?

If your first aim to blog is to make money, you can’t earn money.

While the aim is to help people for free, your blog will work for you.

When you help people for free, how can you earn money from them?

Here is the blogging top secret. Most people can’t understand it.

This secret is not sensible. You can realize the fact after helping people.

Psychology triggers work behind blogging secrets.

  • Trust
  • Reciprocal
  • Gratefulness

People want a safe, security, and risk-free life.

Free offers attract them. There is a 0% risk.

Most failure bloggers have fundamental writing skills.

Writing well or good writing isn’t enough to beat out your online competitors.

Improve writing to the best writing or compelling writing skills.

You need excellent writing or professional writing skills.

01. Write a solution, people will read it.

People search for a solution, a unique solution, and an actionable solution.

How to solve their problems? You write. Learn first, then research, and the last implement. Then discover the solution.

Without having writing skills, you can’t blog.

First, to blog, you need writing skills since we are non-native, non-English, and English is a foreign language to us.

Before having writing skills, you need nothing else.

If you do anything else, you shall fail in blogging.

For example,

you can’t write like an expert, but you launched a blog.

This blog will not work for you.

Brilliant writing power makes your blog successful.

How much writing skills do you need?

Readers read, forget everything around, and slide to read to the end.

That is your skill. How much more do you have?

Get started writing. From now on.

Take action now. Avoid the limits.

Keep writing. Don’t look at the back.

Don’t stop. Even don’t lessen.

And don’t skip.

Write every day any way you can.

Your persistent writing leads you ahead.

Keep the patient in writing. You can improve your writing skills.

Keep doing. Don’t stop.

Write 3,000 words daily. It comes up day by day.

What about you will write?

Write about how to improve writing? Thus keep writing for a month.

That is an enhanced essay writing guide for you.

02. Read 10 articles and write one daily. 

If you can overcome any constraint, write 30 days without having a gap, and you’re fit for blogging.

You can launch your blog now.

If you launch a blog before gaining your writing skills, the blog is your main limitation to be an expert writer.

Can you believe me? YES. It is true.

So write first. Develop writing skills. Then go for blogging.

After 30 days, you will gain ten main things.

  1. You don’t have a writer’s block.
  2. Writing will be fun.
  3. You can write without research in your niche.
  4. You can’t stop writing before 1,000 words.
  5. And you can convert fat writing to trim.
  6. You can write about how readers want to read.
  7. You love to read more than you write.
  8. Writing becomes your habit.
  9. You can win over constraints.
  10. You can keep yourself under schedule and discipline

If you have a lack of above things, restart writing for 30 days. No excuse.

03. Get trained for blogging.

You don’t think you are learning to write only.

That is your training to blog. It makes you trained for blogging.

Do you know 90% of new bloggers are failures? Why?

They didn’t make them trained.

When you become an expert writer, you are a trained soldier to beat out your online competitors.

Writing skill is your blogging success.

In my blogging life, I don’t see the more powerful weapon than the reader’s persuasive writing skills in blogging.

Most bloggers don’t know how to write for their readers.

So you learn to write first.

You can see the sign of success. You can experience it.

Can you trust me? I spent a year on how to improve my writing skills.

I could realize the fact first.

And I don’t care, but just writing.

When I realized I became a writer, I deleted 120+ blog posts and 1,600 Quora answers.

I didn’t ask my mentors whether I should delete them.

But I removed them. Those were garbage.

They were a burden to my blog, so I removed them.

Don’t do this on your way.

After having writing skills, you become a kung fu fighter in your blogging.

You become unique, which means one piece.

04. Learn how to write blog posts?

An article, blog post, and narrative essay are your lesson plan, skills range.

You shall learn the following topics later.

  1. Creative writing
  2. Academic writing skills
  3. Technical writing
  4.  Copyrighting
  5. Thesis statement
  6. Scientific writing
  7. And so on

Don’t take everything together. You will learn above all, one after one.

The business writing, academic writing, and deed are formal writing.

You don’t need formal writing skills in this training phase.

And you will learn how to write dialogue, argumentative, complaint, notice, report, and proposal letters in the next learning phase.

You write informal, conversational, and seductive.

Reader’s persuasive.

Write like personal gossiping in a coffeehouse at a side-window corner with your ideal reader, friend, or prospect.

Friendship, more closely, and writing to the nearest someone.

Everything is real. Don’t fake. Write to help people.

People keep trusting in you.

05. Learn how to improve writing skills using YouTube.

YouTube is the best learning source on how to write.

You can watch videos. Topic-wise, slight writing tips, and use other languages.

Watch videos on the following topics.

  1. How to write a post title?
  2. How to write the first sentence?
  3. Write the best sentence, paragraph, and subhead.
  4. How to write hook sentences, engaging paragraphs, and impressive subheadings?
  5. How to write an on-page SEO blog post? [big topics]

You can improve your writing on an advanced level. Quality teacher or tutor lecture there.

Writing is better than reading. Watching is a more powerful way of learning than anything else.

Watching is more memorable than others. So watch. Pay more attention to it.

Pay more focus on the watching method.

Make a habit of learning from YouTube Videos.

06. Other sources of learning.

Online writing courses are the best source of learning how to build your writing skills.

Paid courses are the best over free methods.

Writing websites offer free courses are not to become successful writers. It is a marketing technique.

That stuff is short length, limited resources, and an uncompleted writing process.

So take part in paid writing courses.

Joining online free English learning exercises is a better idea for you.

Attend an online free English learning, online test exams.

07. Word Vocabulary:

Increase your word vocabulary through learning and practicing.

It makes you a writer, expert writer, and advanced writer.

Improve vocabulary in the following ways.

Exercise to use them in your writing.

  1. Active verb
  2. Strong word
  3. Power word
  4. Emotional word
  5. Sensory word
  6. Synonyms
  7. Antonyms
  8. Thesaurus
  9. Transition words
  10. Selling words

08. The seed of curiosity:

The seed of curiosity is an advanced tool.

How to write a hook sentence?

How to compel readers to keep reading to the end?

It is a reader’s persuasive technique. Let readers stay a long time on your pages.

They read more and become more curious to learn more.

That is your last stage or peak writing skill you need to get over there.

  1. Keep reading.
  2. I am with you.
  3. I am not going elsewhere.
  4. Let me explain.
  5. For instance, or example.
  6. Ignite questions like what is your opinion? What guess? Sounds exciting? What is it? Is it legit or scams?
  7. Here is a crucial fact.
  8. When I explain, you may agree with me.
  9. Here is what you were looking for.

Use them. Don’t overuse. The seed of curiosity is a powerful reader engaging tool.

09. Reader focused writing:

Write for your readers.

Use you more than I and we. You make yourself closer to readers.

Don’t overlook simplicity is a better policy.

Keep every word and sentence variety, simple, and value to your readers.

Write more benefits than scientific ideas and features of a product and service.

Be honest with readers. Write what is correct about the pros and cons.

Don’t fake. Don’t scam.

Keep your clarity in every aspect of communication to readers.

That is your English writing skills.

10. How to trim fat English writing?

Trimming fat writing is advanced skills. It needs more practice.

These days, readers become scanners.

So write more precise and concise sentences. Use proper words that visualize your idea.

Remove unnecessary words, dull words, and words that have no meaning.

Eliminating words until the sentence, paragraph, and articles keep meaning unchanged.

Use short words in sentences instead of long words or phrases.

Make writing easy to read and understand, considering every reader.

Write concise sentences, brief paragraphs, and trimmed writings.

Refine actionable writing style, sentence structure, writing tone, and voice.

11. Proofread, editing, and polishing:

Don’t edit when you write. Editing is for the next day’s job.

After writing the first draft or manuscript, keep it marinated for a day.

First, check grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Then word choice picks the useful word for the right place.

Think more ideas you need to add.

Study again what ideas you like to remove.

Thus keep doing until your satisfaction.

Don’t publish any content that doesn’t work for you.

Writing is an art. You need a subtle crafting hand.

Writing is a science, too. It needs proven results for your reader.

Philosophy and psychology work behind the modern marketing strategy.

Every buying decision comes from the effect of emotional triggers.

Spend more time on proofreading than you write a draft.

You can use online grammar, punctuation, and spelling check tools and apps.

Grammarly, Ginger, and Hemingway are the best tools over others.

How to format your text?

  1. Blod, Italy, and Underline — use them where they are needed. 
  2. Use black, 12-point, Times New Roman as the font.
  3. The standard page size of 8.5×11 inches and set your margins to 1 inch on all sides.
  4. Set alignment to be justified.
  5. Use a single space after periods.
  6. Use double-spaced line spacing.
  7. And use page breaks.
  8. Number your pages.
  9. Format paragraphs according to category standards.
  10. Indent all paragraphs by .5 inches, and don’t hit tab or space to indent.

12. On-page SEO

On-page SEO makes your post more exposure.

It needs to reach its readers.

So it needs search engine visibility.

That is why you have to learn the on-page SEO technique.

It depends on the perfect keywords layout throughout the article.

Focus on your keywords targeting the right audience.

Learning SEO is vital to be an efficient writer.

No matter how much writing skills you have. Your writing needs its reader.

Otherwise, your writing skills will remain useless.

13. Email and newsletter:

Writing brilliant emails is another skill.

How to write emails that work?

An appealing subject compels the recipient to click open the mail.

Monthly or weekly, your insightful and helpful newsletter makes readers prospects.

Email marketing is a more actionable marketing strategy.

How to use power words, emotional words, and sensory words in writing an email?

Learn, then you can earn money. That is a part of writing skills.


To blog, you need to build your English writing skills.

That is your first job in blogging, online business writing.

Launch a blog after improving writing skills.

Your blog doesn’t give you time to learn English.

Without being a professional writer, your blog doesn’t work for you. Be careful. I know that.

Your expert writing skills are your blogging success. It is true. Trust me.

Your expert writing makes your blogging fun. Isn’t it exciting?

Pay focus on 30 days writing course on your own.

Read ten articles and write one every day on how to improve writing skills.

Publish your articles on LinkedIn, Medium, and WordPress blog until you launch your blog.

Don’t skip a day. Don’t lessen.

And don’t give up practice for anything. Give up everything for your writing.

This habit is not for writing only, but it trains you to make money online too.

Take essential steps for improving English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Read more than you write daily. Read writing prompts for writers.