Do you know, people earn online income in BD get payment through bkash? YES. They are working from home. Earn money payment bKash.

Well. Have you heard about the bkash earning site?

Earn Money Payment Bkash

Earn Money Payment Bkash

You can earn money online. Can’t you? Work from home that gets you paid through bKash. Do you know that?

BD people earn money getting payment through bkash. Is it real?

Y-E-S. 100% true. But how do they do it?

You must be wondering. How can you earn online income BD site from today? Even from now on?

If you don’t know how to earn online, this is OK. No problem.

How would it be if I show you how to earn money online from now on?

Don’t worry. Keep reading. I am with you. I show you step by step, how to get money entering into your moneybag.

Sound excellent?
Let’s go to take real action.

Do you have a laptop or a desktop? I show you through my one. The laptop is better than a mobile device to earn money online payment bkash.

How to Choose Your Online Job Career in BD for 2020?

If you don’t earn online income before, follow the rules below.

  1. Work on one site
  2. Do one job only
  3. Learn how to use Jobsite professional way.
  4. Don’t’ worry about beginning income amount. It will increase day by day.
  5. Now for three months, you are learning but not earning.

It is a great mistake, especially for BD people. They are not ready to spend time to learn. Searching here and there, they become a teacher.

It is secret information that each job site has an algorithm to measure your skills, the time you spend on the site, and efficiency. 

How much faster you are. If the site gets you on the discipline, in different ways, the site helps you to earn more money. 

Earn Money Payment Bkash: How to start and where to start?

You want a laptop with a fast internet connection. Right?

Here is a full guideline. Don’t search more here and there that makes you messy.

No more thinking, research, and planning how to earn online income? But now start doing. Keep doing make your skills.

Have you heard the It stands for share it.

Bkash Earning Site

Features of the site: PTC site in Bangladesh

  1. Easy to sign up
  2. Smart ways to find jobs
  3. Very simple job. By a few clicks, you can earn coins. FB page likes, shares, watch videos through the software.
  4. You can earn coins after finishing a job.
  5. Usually, a coin you gain for one job. But it increases in job quality.
  6. In different ways, you can earn coins, such as after finishing a job, Daily Activity Bonus, and referral bonus.  
  7. You can convert coins to US Dollar
  8. 1000 coins = $1
  9. You can convert Dollars to Taka into Bkash account.
  10. Most jobs for social media.

Earn Money Payment Bkash

How does it work: Earn money from Facebook in Bangladesh?

For example,
Tips 01: I have a new FB page. Urgently, to do business on the FB page, I need 1000 likes on the page.
Tips 02: Shareyt takes the contact on $10 for 1000 FB page likes.
Tips 03: Shareyt distributes the job to different countries users over the world. So you get jobs from that.
Tips 04: 1000 page likes to need 1000 users. And one user can like one time a page
Tips 05: You can’t like the page 100 times. You can like one time.
Tips 06. Can you take the job by $10 for 1000 likes? How can you get 1000 users?
Tips 07. Shareyt has thousands of users over the world.
Tips 08. Shareyt has many social clients like FB. Look at the image above. Read the social site names.

Step 01: Make registration:

Open the site from here. Here is my referral link. If you use the link, I will get a few coins. You can find the following page asunder. 

Click on the signup menu. You can find the following page. form-Earn Money Payment Bkash

In the red box, please keep my referral link:

Every field is easy to understand. 

Username: This is not your full fame. It should be one word. My user name is hasanhabib though my full name is Hasan Habib.

Email: The email should be a new one created for shareyt. Because the mail will receive immense notifications daily. 

Password: It should be robust and memorable, such as Habib$321. This password has a capital letter, small letters, $ sign, and numeric numbers.

Where did you hear about Shareyt: It should be my referral link given above.

Read the terms and condition details and then click on the signup button. 

Step 02. Learn how to use shareyt?

Tutorial bangla:

Tutorial English: 

Step 03. How to do jobs?

  1. Create a new email id for shareyt.
  2. Create a new Facebook account using that email.
  3. And then create a shareyt account using that email.
  4. Got to setting and put your new Facebook profile id.

Earn Money Payment Bkash: online income bd

Step 04. How to start a job?

Make money fast– do you have spare time? Are you looking for ways to make money online?

People who have spare time, they search for extra money, extra cash, and extra income.

They need a precise and concise direction. Here is what you are searching for making money online.

Bangla tutorial: 

Step 05. How to get you paid through Bkash?

You need to know a secure payment method, process, and how to get you paid at a low cost.

The PayPal account is famous over the world, but we can’t use it yet. Skrill and Bkash are the best way of getting you paid for payout.

Get paid for taking surveys is a popular job in BD. How to Get you paid to take online surveys?

You can make money from home, online jobs, home jobs, and work at home.

Jobs are available on Jobsite. Earning money receiving in hand is a matter. Don’t fall in scams.

Bangla tutorial: 

Payment bkash via skrill:

How to earn money through online earning sites that make you payment bkash?

And then how to get paid through earning money payment bkash via skrill.

Step 01: earn money online skrill. Many job sites that get you paid through skrill.

Step 02: online income BD payment bkash 2020: The skrill smoothly transfer to bkash online

Step 03: You also get outsourcing payment by bkash via skrill.

Want to make money now, signing up PTC site and start earning. PTC sites are ways to make money online.

GPT sites are also ways to earn money online get you paid through payment bkash.

Earn more money to get rich. So Monetizing blogs are ways to earn money like passive income from home.

Free make more money microtasks site is a way to earn money at home.

Paypal to bkash:

Paypal to BDT or bkash or rocket or bank, and anything related to Paypal in Bangladesh is not comfortable, reliable, and safe.

Somehow, people are doing we heard, that is not a straightway. A new freelancer should avoid it right now until it comes up for us with reliability.

Other online jobs ideas:

But in the truth, making money, earning money, and money-making whatever you say, most BD people know survey sites for paid surveys, take surveys, and an online survey.

GPT – Get Paid To program site: Short-task place. After finishing the job, get you paid for the jobs.

PTC – Paid to Click: You click on ads and get you paid for clicking.

Freelancing: Now, we have lots of freelancers in BD. The self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. For example, you are a freelance writer. 

Outsourcing: BD people take place in the online outsourcing market. Take the product and service from outside suppliers. For example, you need SEO services, but you have the IT department. You take it from Upwork freelancer.  

Fiverr: Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services, likewise Upwork.

Upwork: Most of BD freelancers work here. Formerly Elance-oDesk is a global freelancing platform where businesses & specialists connect and cooperate remotely. 

Google Adsense: You put Google ads on your website. When your visitors click on it, Google gets you paid for the clicks. But you require enough visitors on your site.

Affiliate marketing: You have a niche blog with enormous traffic. You can sell your niche related products through the blog.

Make money blogging: A blog. Blogger. And blogging. I love it, and I do it. Blogging is a high-way reaching to the entire marking money online sources. 


Shareyt is a Bangladeshi online income site[join venture with the USA]. It is a bkash payment PTC site. BD people earn money online that get paid through payment bkash via skrill. 

Earn money bkash payment is a golden opportunity for BD people. People search for bkash payment online job Bangla. Now people get an offer Bangladeshi app per day 1000 taka income payment bkash.

Bkash-cash-earn-money-online is a hot topic. Shareyt gives delightful services for BD people. I search for the site quality. I found a 100% secure score site. 

New people who search for online income bd, they can search for that by following keywords. The keywords discover the right direction.

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How to make money online that gets your payment through bkash? The site income is almost for beginners. 

Those who are expert and more educated, they can earn from here more money or jump to other sites for a better chance.  

Those who are fresh-new, don’t leave the site within three months. The three months are not for earning but for learning. First months, do the job of FB page likes. And then you can do every job those are available there. 

You can say learning is a matter of one week. Why for three months. You need to be an efficient, skill, and professional online money maker. 

Here’s what we found instead, we know everything as online labor. But you need to learn one thing to be a master, specialist, and expert. Right? OK? Well.

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