Earn money online is not a dream, or not a pipedream, or even not an imaginary matter. It is a valid, legit, and certified earning scheme. 

But the question is, how can you earn money online in BD?

The top news, Bangladeshi people earn money online — even more, they are quite fit for the online job or business.
But, the sad news — few people get access to the world’s online job market.

Here is the final guideline on how to earn money online BD. Indeed, our people have chances to win the sources of earning online. And they have skills on how to make money online.

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  1. What is Earn Money Online?
  2. How to earn extra money online legitimately?
  3. Do you earn money online part-time basis?
  4. A few tips: How to build an online career?
  5. What is a full-time online career?
  6. How to build a make money blogging?
  7. How many skills do you need to blog?
  8. Do you need investment to build an online career?
  9. Has any genuine opportunity, online jobs in BD? 
  10. How can students make money online in BD 2020?
  11. What are the problems to make money from home in BD?
  12. The main take away from the post.
  13. Conclusion

01: What is Earn Money Online BD?

What is Earn Money Online BDWhat is Earn Money Online BD

People work remote jobs from home to make money online through net connectivity. Hour basis, contact basis, and project basis jobs are on the web.

Simple to higher-level remote jobs are available in the online job sites. BD people can do those jobs through the net from a distance place.

What elements do you need to make money online?

You need to have a mobile, or a tab, or a laptop with an internet connection.

Likewise, you require English reading and writing skills.

For local jobs site, you don’t need English skills. You don’t need to have pro skills for simple jobs such as typing, click on ads, or survey.

Altogether, to build an online career, nobody can stand out online without having pro skills.

Do you need to have a course or training to earn money online?

Of course, you need it. According to the job category, you should complete a course, such as blogging, writing, and a web design course.

Indeed, an online job means you compete with a worldwide competitive market. Without professional skills, you kill your money, time, and energy on the web crowd market.

02: How to earn extra money online legitimately?

How to earn extra money online

Get-Paid-To Programs: How do you earn money online in BD for a short time?

Holiday, weekend or you are under leave. You need extra money, how can you earn, then. You are a job holder. So you need to have a laptop, desktop, or tablet with an internet connection.

How to search for jobs on Google for extra income within a short time?

Search for the following search queries.

  • Find Top-Rated GPT Sites 2020
  • Get-Paid-To Program sites 2020
  • Ultimate Guide to GPT Sites 2020
  • Top 10 Best Paying GPT Sites 2020
  • Top and Highest Paying GPT (Get Paid To) Sites For 2020

As a beginner, you can feel difficulties. When you become trained, you can earn money in BD for a few hours when you have time. Pay focus on the following things.

  • Read their program.
  • Payment terms, minimum withdrawal, and daily or in a weak withdraw.
  • Job details

Don’t make a hurry. Online job, you need to prove your skills, trust, and job quality. As a result, one month you need to spend time to learn their terms and conditions..

First, improve skills and job quality, then you get started earning. The Inboxdollars have paid survey jobs and payout to take survey gigs.

Which is the best online earning site? 

Sign up with the following sites to earn money online in Bangladesh.

  • Inbox Dollars: Make Extra Money Online From Home
  • Swagbucks – Free Gift Cards for Paid Surveys and More
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

Log-in there and check them out thoroughly.

How to proceed? 

Before signing up a site, check legit and scams, payment rating. After first logging, you read the terms and conditions, payment method PayPal Account or MasterCard, and job types surveys or advertisement, or ways to earn money online.

Don’t fall into the traps on free money online or free earn money online in Bangladesh.

03: Can you earn money online part-time basis?

Do you earn money online part-time basis

Part-time jobs regular basis is a crucial matter to BD people. BD People want to earn money on a part-time basis.

First, define your goal, the way of earning money precisely and sharply. The next, you need money, everybody accepts it. But how much money you need? How often? What skills do you need to have?

Finally, how many times you can spend time daily and weekly. Can you work on a weekend day? Daily 4 hours, we suggest. You need to pay 2-4 hours daily and 8h+ in off day.

Learn first, then earn money:

Choose a niche or topic or work you have an interest. For instance, here are a few careers.

  • Writing
  • Web design
  • Graphic design

Spend money, time, and efforts to achieve professional skills within a year that is a mandatory idea. No alternation.

Skill is not only a matter — efficiency and sharp crafting hand, you also need to achieve the goal.

Where do you get jobs?

According to your carrier, you select one site to work where you will become a hero. Here are a few job sites.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Elance
  3. Survey sites
  4. Upwork

Plenty of jobs are available on online job market sites. BD people are working over there with credentials.

People of BD are earning money online. Lots of skilled hands are working from home on low-quality jobs. They work on the No Work — No Paid basis.

So in your working site, you need to be a positioning member. We shouldn’t keep ourselves behind earning money online over the world.

Do you know I am a writer on Quora? 

I am a writer in Quora.

I am a writer in Quora.

In my niche related, at least 12 topics, I am one of the top-ten members now. Here I stand out on fifth beneath Neil Patel. So you choose one site to work and improve credentials.

04: A few tips: How to build an online career?

How to build an online career

In this part, you don’t buy the domain and hosting, but you will buy them when you get started in affiliate marketing.

So far as I know, the new blogger has no clear guidelines on how to proceed? What to do and what not to do? Here is a list you can develop yourself following them.

Tips 01: You shouldn’t find ways of earning money during the learning period.  If you get any offer on the way to learn, skip it, please. The period is for how to learn only. Otherwise, you can’t finish the course.

Tips 02:  You read ten articles daily. And you write an article then publish it in your free blog. Next, republish it on Medium. Last, you share it with your social media.

Tips 03: You should keep yourself isolated from other engagement such as movies, video games. And, you don’t spend time with friends outside of your house.

Tips 04: So far as you can, keep yourself closed from romance, girlfriend, and adult videos or games. These are addictive things and time killer.

Tips 05: Spend one hour for promoting your niche pro bloggers’ posts on Twitter or Facebook. Please use one of them, but don’t use both.

First, find out 100 pro bloggers in your niche target market. You follow them. Then you will get their posts on your home feed.

Tips 06: Your progress, question, your invention idea you share me by mail. When I become free, I shall back quickest If I need it.

Tips 07: You shouldn’t watch videos or read articles about how to earn money faster and easier?

You don’t find push-button, auto switch, top-secret, or bypass road to earn money online.

Tips 08: You read and write articles during the learning period around your niche topics. Your first niche is how to improve writing skills? And your next niche is how to be a copywriter?

Tips 09: You should spend a year learning. Don’t finish the course earlier.  Here time is a matter.

Tips 10: Don’t give up until success. Mistakes, fixing errors and fail are part of success.

05: What is a full-time online career?

What is a full-time online career

The people don’t have offline jobs; they find out online jobs. Even the people who don’t educate, they search for an online career.

The unskilled people look for online earning sources in Bangladesh. Genius, educated, and high profile — where they are. They ignore online jobs.

Because, they can’t find a true source, guidelines, and training. And they can’t understand this earning method.


Why do our people not here? First, they don’t have a precise guideline to make skills. How to get access to the existing competitive online market? And how to compete with world influencers.

How to build an online career?

School or college students in the USA, Europe, and other rich countries can earn money online from enormous sources.
But BD people can’t earn money online so far as they need. What is the solution?

With this in mind, here is an essential part of online jobs to understand. I explain here who are postgraduate, ready for full-time engagement, and can read and write English well.

Keep reading. Don’t make a hurry. I am with you. Right?

How to improve writing skills?

As a full-time worker, you need to progress through career steps. Please keep aligning with the following sequence. You can reach the destination that makes you a pro blogger faster.

  1. Freelance writer
  2. Copywriter
  3. Affiliate marketer
  4. Blogger
  5. Pro blogger

You select a niche, a topic, and an idea you have an interest in the work. How to find your niche?

How to start and where to start? Following two niches for learning online career.

  1. How to improve writing skills? You spend time for six months.
  2. Copywriting tips, you spend time for six months.

Read ten articles and write one with 1000 words daily on your free website. Reading and writing align with your two niches.

You need to spend one year in the above two niches that make you an online marketer, everything online you can understand. This year is not for earning money, but for learning.

06: How to build a make money blogging?

make money blogging

Blogging is Get Rich Business, lucrative, and alluring things. It is a legit, reliable, and online marketing business as well. 

Where 90% of new bloggers are failures, in contrast, thousands of new blogs get started daily.

Why people have an interest in blogging? Why are they failures in blogging? It needs training and business discipline. Follow the steps.

  1. Select a niche
  2. Define a domain name with niche keywords, SEO friendly.
  3. Hyper super-quality speed hosting plan.
  4. Lightweight premium quality WP theme.
  5. Blogging and writing course or Ebook.

In a nutshell, the above five things should be of high quality and spend money as much as it needs. Don’t be cheap or use free platforms. In this stage, you need to make a strong business foundation. You need to be a professional blogger.

How to make your blog high performing machine?

You should spend one year to learn how to blog. Without professional skills, you want to earn money is a wrong and unrealistic mindset.

Your blog needs to optimize loading speed above 90%. Make it mobile-friendly with no error.

  1. AMP
  2. Blog SEO
  3. Image optimization
  4. Minify resources HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  5. Optimizing cache
  6. Google Analytics and Google Search Console configuration
  7. As a new website, you must learn how to achieve 100% of site health score.

You can use the Semrush SEO tool, I use it for site health for technical audit, SEO audit, and improve site health. Everything you need to achieve 100% Score.

When your blog stands out for earning money, you can get approval from affiliate networking sites such as CJ, Shareasale, and ClickBank. 

07: How many skills do you need to blog?

How many skills do you need to blog

The skills you need to blog isn’t a matter of counting. The writing skill, reader persuasive writing skill, grammar, and spelling error-free writing skill you need.

You need organic traffic. When you gain organic traffic, it means you have skills in blogging.

When you spend one year learning how to improve writing and copywriting, you can measure your skill you need to improve.

Surely, you need proven skills earned from real-life experimental exercises.

As everything is changing, so there is nothing stable and static.

The online income source in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Huge foreign currency is coming through online jobs. It becomes an evergreen niche topic.

You need to have a social media ID. Social media is a part of online marketing. It is a helping tool to earn money online. The social media are essential.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. Quora and Reddit

Mastering social media is a tough job, no doubt. Social media is the best platform to build a niche audience.


08: Do you need investment to build an online career?

Do you need investment to build an online career

You need to have skills for blogging, affiliate, and digital marketing. In sum, you must complete a blogging and writing course. 

In fact, for affiliate marketing, you need a website. As for building a website, the following things you need to buy.

  • High-quality domain name
  • Hyper super-speed hosting plan
  • Premium quality WP theme

Even blogging, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing are a business. You should invest as a business capital. Of course, you need to invest here as much as it needs.

More importantly, blogging is not a 9-5 job where you will get a salary in a month. Blogging is an online business, a way to make money online and make money blogging. 

So it needs to invest money. Investment is not a loss, but a business capital. Invest money to earn money later.

Can you earn money online without investment? YES. You can. But you can be online labor. 

How to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment?

It is a popular search query in BD. It proves we don’t have the interest to be a millionaire or billionaire. 

That said, capital investment is a risky job, and its reward is profit. We don’t take a risk. So we don’t become a businessman. Labor, online labor, and that is no work — no paid labor.

Blogging is an auto-performing machine to earn money when you are in sleep, a tour, and even a long journey.

Even more, bloggers or affiliate marketers check in the morning how much money increases their accounts. So you need to have a healthy budget to spend money in real places.

09: Has any genuine opportunity, online jobs in BD?

Has any genuine opportunity, online jobs in BD

People search for, “How can I earn money from online in Bangladesh?” Lots of jobs are on the net. You need skills, proven skills that earned from experience.

Blogging is s Get Rich Business.

Affiliate marketing is the same as blogging.

Copywriting is the most evergreen and passive income source.

Our people are earning money through outsourcing. We have lots of skill hands in outsourcing. A few job categories below I mention.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelance writing
  4. Outsourcing
  5. Affiliate program
  6. Google AdSense
  7. Paid to click
  8. Data entry jobs
  9. Online jobs
  10. Home jobs
  11. Online survey
  12. YouTube Adsense
  13. Pay per click publishers
  14. Remote jobs online
  15. Blogging

People earn money online in Bangladesh by typing. Taking surveys and getting paid for surveys are non-technical jobs. Unskilled people can do these jobs.

Dhaka, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna are the best district where people are doing online jobs in Bangladesh. Uttara, Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Mohakhali, Mirpur are the best place where people are doing online jobs in Dhaka.

10: How can students make money online in BD 2020?

How can students make money online in BD 2020

Over the world, students can earn money online. BD students earn money from home too. But they are doing a low-quality job.

After HSC, our students can choose to Make Money Online as a career. Up to postgraduate, they can learn how to earn. After postgraduate, they can engage in full-time blogging.

When I started blogging, I spent two years learning how to earn money by blogging. I stayed in the house with a closed-door for two years. I spend 12h+ daily.

And I got many sides offers to earn money BD. I didn’t take those offers.

Truly, I aimed to earn money oblogging nly. So I stick with it till now.

So till now, I am at blogging. World-famous bloggers know me by name and face. They send me emails on whether I need help from them.


Neil Patel

In this article, I try to show you how to get access to the online market. How to climb the top of making money online?

You can find different jobs or businesses for every class of people on the net.

Young people of the world are more interested in Make Money Online 2020.

A group of skills hands is ready for Online Earn Money in Bangladesh. They are incoming from online-earn-money in Bangladesh.

To earn money in Bangladesh needs high category training centers. The village people are more eager to make money online BD in 2020.

Online income sources in BD is growing day by day. BD people enjoy Making Money Online 2020.

11: What are the problems to make money from home in BD?

What are the problems to make money from home in BD

You need to understand precisely and sharply why we keep ourselves behind in the online money making scheme.

People think the ways to make money online are dull, with no skills and efficiency. Searching here and there on Google and YouTube, they think learned.

To see hassles and face obstacles, they become tired and hopeless.

In contrast, those who are well expert and efficient hand can earn money online in BD.

Our people think they need not invest money in an online income. They search for ways of how to make money online without investment is a silly mindset.

Spend money as much as it needs. You need to avoid online scammer traps to lose money, nothing else.

Simple and labor basis jobs, you don’t need English writing skills. But higher-level earning sources you need English reading and writing skills.

In contrast, postgraduate people can earn writing skill is a matter of one month. Read ten articles daily.

Write an article with 2000 words daily. Reading and writing align with your niche is enough to improve writing skills.


12: The main take away from the post.

The main take away from the post

  1. Nobody can stand out online without having professional skills.
  2. Online earning sources are available on the net. But you need to prove your skills and quality jobs.
  3. Full-time players can win Make Money Online success. 90% of beginners are failures. Most of them are part-time bloggers and free platform users.
  4. You have to overcome worldwide competition. So first learn proven skills, then earn.
  5. Nothing to check whether an online job works for you. It works for you if you follow the right business strategies.
  6. People learn how to blog by searching for here and there on Google and YouTube. It is just for getting simple blogging ideas. They don’t complete blogging and writing courses. So they can’t measure the full blogging steps and obstacles. They get started blogging when they don’t know how to blog.
  7. Don’t start blogging and writing posts before preparing blog fitness and earn a performance score of 100%. Use the Semrush tool.
  8. Finding ways of developing your skills and site performance is your blogging skills. You will find nothing static here and no fixed guidelines to follow.
  9. Nobody can stand out online without having a realistic mindset. You need skills, investment, and efforts to earn money online BD.
  10. Make money online is to live, but not to be Get Rich Overnight scheme.

13: Conclusion:

No doubt, our people are already earning money from online sources. They could take place in world statistical data. But we don’t think it is enough to have done. We should have a precise and concise target to achieve the goal.

Here is what I define you how to earn money online BD.

We have three weaknesses. One is we have no faith in earning decent money online. The next, we aren’t ready to spend money to build an online career.

The last, we are not ready to spend time to learn.

We can’t accept a long time for developing skills in courses or training. Thus, we are so far from the root.

A realistic mindset is crucial to be successful. Without pro skills, nobody can stand out in the online crowd market.

Our people choose online earn sources as extra pocket money. They don’t take it as a life career. So they don’t spend more money and time to learn how to earn money online from home as a job career.

The kids, teens, and teenagers involved with their studies, but they don’t spend time to make money online.