“Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality and to find hidden patterns.”

When you write, you should be creative. How can you use creativity in your writing? Writing with creativity is a difficult job, but it is vitally important. Here is what I show you how to use creativity when you write.

Why do you write and what is your writing object? I don’t discuss them. The end of the goal is to get readers, engage them to read and entice to get ‘Call to Action.’

The talented writer realizes the fact, gets readers and wins the ‘Call to Action.’ We appreciate them, congrats them and hope in future they can earn aspiration.

The problem is that a new writer or a new blogger can’t perceive subtle ideas. You need to learn the hidden pattern to win the game. I explain here with 3 steps…

Writing skill:

Creativity needs intellectual abilities, knowledge and right thinking. You need to be a realistic dreamer. I don’t express here how to earn these. I explain how to use these creative elements.

You can write and no block, you can craft a correct sentence, and long length article. But do you detect how to grab the scanners make them readers?

Attention-grabbing article title:

These days, people are busy, they have no time to read, and so they become article scanners. Writing title is a great technical and creative job. Look at the following titles…

  • 10 writing tips to improve your skill
  • 10 writing tips make you a pro writer and increase your revenue.
  • Improve writing skill, increase sales and change your lifestyle.
  • How to improve writing skill to get financial freedom?

Can you imagine, how much creativity you need to write a headline? It changes your financial freedom.

Seductive Article Introduction:

Do you learn what is power, sensory, and emotional words? And how to use them? Do you understand the high bounce rate and less session duration? And why does it happen?

Compelling a reader to read and hooks to keep reading. You need high creativity to improve the seductive sentence.

Engaging content body:

The reader doesn’t need information. The reader searches for else more. You need to keep them engaged. The reader comes down effortlessly. One sentence leads the reader to the next sentence. Crafting a sentence to engage the reader, creativity in writing works here. 

Motivational closing:

To get a call to action, you need to make readers happy and motivate them to subscribe. “Click Here” or “Buy Know” these are the call to action. These are not motivators. When the reader gets motivated and then gets subscribed too.

What makes me become a writer?

Niche Idea:

If you start a business, you must have a professional skill on your niche. Remember, your content proves how much skill you have on the topic.

Competitive market, you can’t develop online business without having in-depth knowledge of your niche. Show your efficiency to your audience, make them satisfied with your content and earn the trust in you from them.

Thus, you can increase your authority in your niche and among your audience. This is the best SEO strategies Google wants from you.

When I get started my blogging life, I read 150+ articles strongly aligned with my niche topics. When I joined on Medium, first I read 150+ articles aligned to my niche topics from the site. After that, I write on Medium.

I was not a scanner of those articles. I read them, and a secret is that I was analyzer of those articles.

Writing and topics are two separate skills. No matter how much pro writer you are. How much craft, polish and refine your text, you can’t satisfy your reader with a normal idea of your topic.

Your Goal:

What we say regarding success is a persistent income stream. The persistent income stream is the final goal of your business. You reach there after overcoming several steps. And you split your goal according to your journey steps.

  • You need to become advances writer.
  • Improve your skill on your niche.
  • Build niche audiences by your hyper-quality content.
  • Make to relate with pros and similar bloggers and writers’ circle.

Now you can earn money and make earning to steady.

Many new bloggers have no writing skill, niche topics knowledge and even they have no built audiences, but they become frustrated on no traffic, no leads and not even a single sale.

They don’t set the goal at different steps. They don’t achieve the goal step by step. Please understand goal setting.

For instance, when you become a pro writer, you overcome one step. And then you become an expert in your niche, you overcome another step. After that, you build your niche audiences, you overcome the final step.

At a time, you never overcome steps at an efficient level. You set a deadline, but you must overcome the target skill. Thus, you can proceed to your final goal.


Learn, then earn. Training is the key to be a success. Nobody can stand out online without having a professional skill. Your content has no readers. Do you ever think of the quality of your content? Do you know you have no adoring fans?

When I start my blogging life, after months I didn’t get social media engagement. Now I can realize why? Nobody knows me. Rough writing skill. What I wrote about, there was no significant value.

I can see my progress step by step. Likewise, I hope everybody goes this way. You should follow the step by step progress. 

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