She Knows Better Than Me. (Part-04)

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Part-04 (What have you learned? Let me know a brief.) I am proud that I am a blogger. It makes me joyous all day long. I have friends across the world. I can help other people in the world.  Online business depends on helping others as fun. If you get the pleasure to help [...]

She Knows Better Than Me. (Part-03)

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Part-03 (How did she become trained in blogging?) Sheba is talented but not cunning. Because of that, she can avoid the wrong turn, 5 wrong turn points in the way of blogging.  Most cunning new bloggers take the wrong turn and go nowhere. They never come back to zero points. In the first part [...]

She Knows Better Than Me. (Part-02)

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Part-02 (How to ignite blogging fire, when it snuffed out?) Sheba doesn't call me else more. If I call her, she rarely receives it. She doesn't angry with me, but she is angry with her. She lost $10,000, not because of that, she had a dream. And she earns money, huge money, and earlier [...]

She Knows Better Than Me. (Part-01)

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Part-01 (Why do bloggers give up a blog so quick?) Sheba, my friend, I just know her well on the net. She has finished her education. She needs money. Urgent and huge money she wants. She is single. She lives with her patients. I introduce to her as I want to learn how to [...]