How Does Google Identify Poor Quality Content?

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The reader can write. The reader has the resources to write but not poor quality content. To write an informative and user intent solution, it needs in-depth research. What is your father’s name? Do you need research on the answer to the question? So, collect, in general, sentences to make a paragraph and then create [...]

Who else more don’t identify blogging success enemy?

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Blind-man follows the man who has eyes. Blind-man goes alone and then goes nowhere. It is true. So, it is the common rule from the beginning in the world. People, some are teachers and some else are students. Students follow the teacher. The student needs a perfect teacher. Experience, efficient and honest teacher they need. [...]

Research: How To Write A Blog Post?

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Writing a blog post is not enough to be a success. It needed in-depth research before. Billion or a million posts are publishing the daily. In your niche market, how many posts, article or content are submitting hourly, daily, weekly; you can’t imagine. Why do people read your post? Everybody is almost overwhelming with blog [...]