Sensible and instructive job it sounds. It needs creativity, sincere and surest skill. New blogger gets noticed it too late. To build blog audience is a hard and constant job.

In this article, I show you how to build audiences with simplest and heaviest ways. Don’t worry, I stay with you. You can learn precise tips for building audiences. Building audiences sounds hard, but not impossible.

Without having audiences, you never win online business. People prove it.

Growing audience depends on your authority, trust, an expert. You just prove them; you have these.

Are you ready? Let’s go deeper.

Realistic Mindset to Build Blog Audience:

Your customer, readers or audiences what genre of the relationship you should keep with them.

They are normal people, friends or relative. In this issue, most bloggers become failed.

If you treat them as normal people, you can’t satisfy them by your behavior. They aren’t your relatives. So, friends!

If you think they are your friend, what ideal friend they are. School friend, a college friend, a close friend, a bosom friend, and girlfriend. It is up to you. How can you convince them?

If you treat them as customers or normal people, you become failed. Because your email will be salesy and pussy, your ads will marketing drivel. Your decorative elements prove false.

If you take, a reader is your bosom friend or girlfriend, can you talk first to sell? How much efficient and lovely behavior, you show her? If you can set your mind customer is your nearest close friend, you can win the game.

Those bloggers can understand the fact; they have adoring fans behind their blogs. But a tough job you can do.

An Ideal Reader:

If you write a letter to your father, mother and your girlfriend. You choose words, write a sentence and craft a paragraph in three letters. They are the same format and design?

What differs are between father and mother, or your mother and girlfriend. Do you realize the difference?

Creative job, It needs curiosity and inspiration.

When you write, don’t target everybody, only for your audiences. No. NEVER. Let me say. You write for one reader, a dear reader or an ideal reader. If you target everybody, you target nobody.

When you write, writing should be a conversation and an informal style. For instance, you are in a coffee shop with your friend. You listen more, speak less. You look at how she talks, moving her head for a yes-no answer, eating and speaking together.

She changes the face smiling when she joked. And she changes sad face when something sad news. She is laughing, jumping and exclaim. You are only observing her and finding how can you help to make her satisfied.

Discover reader urgent need:

You solve her problem. So, you need to reveal her hobby, interest, and dislike things. You must discover her heart burning pain, heartbreaking obstacles, and unfulfilled desires.

You should write a unique and more specific solution as if nobody else could write it. Because you need to make her pleasure. Measure on how careful and significant attention you should pay. 

Your blog post is the same that I tell you above. What do you say? How selfless and trustworthy the post is. Can you write or have you seen it ever?

Do you find what power, sensory and emotional words? How can you use them?

Can you write a seductive or engaging sentence?

Do you learn how to write an attention-grabbing sentence? And where to write.

Can you hook the reader to keep reading effortlessly? How to motivate the reader to subscribe?

Arts and science you need to craft those sentences. Do you know Jon Morrow, ‘Smart blogger’? Read the article an example of what I tell you here.

How to Write a Blog Post in 2019: The Ultimate Guide • Smart Blogger

If you understand this, you are lucky. Otherwise, you will be a marketer, not a blogger. You need to be a blogger. There is a sky-height difference.


Help people without interest. Blogging is fans helping people to make a connection and relationship globally. How can you help? By selling products to them?

Finding the readers’ urgent problem, heart burning pain, and unfulfilled desires that is a matter of in-depth research. The reader intent solution is a difficult job. Everybody can’t do this loyal task.

It needs a heart, soul, and affection. The money comes behind it as a shadow. Moneymaker bloggers can’t discover the way to the hidden gold mine.


Building a blog audience is a unique and strategic task. You can find it arduous, but pleasing.

But the result looks memorable. Winning the people’s soul holds a delicate task.

Curious spacious blogger can discover the hidden pattern. They can win the game.

People don’t want information. They want an exceptional thing.

Do you want to build your niche audience?

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