The training is the key to success.

Blogging course concise of your effort and hassle-free life. Training lets you go on a precise destination quicker.

Learn then you can start earning. Nobody can stand out online without having a professional skill. People seem online business is fewer efforts, no skill and get rich faster. It is not true.

Persuasive writing is a high skill. SEO strategies are a timid issue. Keywords research and a niche selection are quite a hard task.

It doesn’t mean nobody can do it. You should understand you need training, genuine course, and pro blogging ideas.

The good news is that we have 3 levels of blogging courses. We keep it free for new bloggers. You don’t subscribe but just start now.

I remain with you for practical suggestions. I show you how to make blogging works for you. How can you get visitors engagement?

You need to spend more times and efforts to learn and finish the course. And you need to commit with you. First, you keep firm determination.

You take is a test basis, whether it works for you. You can’t learn but get frustrated. It works for you. You need to make yourself ready to learn.

I have found in my life, many bloggers are ready to struggles left behind frustration, but they don’t have time and patience to learn.

Training makes you grow confidence, show right direction, and concise efforts. You can enjoy pain-free life, doubtless progress, and no frustration.

Guess what? Sound hard?

We design courses to make you easy learning. We are not commercial trainers. There are no hidden charges.

It is Informal. Simple. And Basic.

You read you learn. You feel problems, put a comment or email. We don’t provide training materials such as an ebook or course’s sheet and time schedule for the class. You go your own way.

The three blogging courses are asunder.

1. Primary Course:

2. Secondary Course:

3. Final Course:

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Primary Course:

Time frame: 15 days

Daily hours: 4 hours. 2 hours for the course and 2 hours for what you learn from today article, research on Google or YouTube videos.

Those people are new but have fun blogging. They can get an idea of what is blogging and how does it work? The course isn’t to get started blogging.

This is the level of choice and selects whether you are fit for blogging. If you think it is ok. You are ready to go ahead. You can start the Secondary Course.

All business is not for everybody. The notable thing is that many bloggers can’t check before starting to blog whether blogging is suitable for them. It is a great mistake.

Blogging itself is OK. But you understand about yourself whether you are fit for it. Checking fitness is important.

Three courses are articles based. I suggest you read every article for three times or more. It is important. Follow articles sequence list, go one after one.

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Secondary Course:

Time frame: 15 days

Daily hours: 6 hours. 2 hours for the course and 4 hours for what you learn from today article, research on Google or YouTube videos.

If you finished the primary course you are eligible to get started this course. Otherwise, you don’t start the course. Please, you abide by the rule.

And if you finished the blogging course elsewhere before, you can avoid primary course and continue this course. But if it is possible and has time, you should complete the primary course.

Don’t scan, but read. After completing this course, you can launch your blog. I remain again, though you could find it in the course asunder.

Domain Name: It should be of high quality. If it is possible, you keep the domain name with a business identity like my domain.

Hosting Plan: Hosting plan should be the highest quality. Don’t be cheaper. It should be high-speed hosting like mobile friendly. I am using sideGround.

Theme: The theme must be of premium quality.

Course or book: recommended courses or ebook to learn.

This is your business. You want to earn money from the blog. Above four things involved with your business success. So, spend a good budget.


The blogging platform is WordPress. You can watch a video tutorial on how to install WordPress on your server and how to use Cpanel. Watch tutorial a few times, then stops watching and you do on your own, like this. Don’t install by anybody else.

If you don’t use WordPress before, you need to learn how to use WordPress. So, you watch the video tutorial on YouTube in your own language.

Theme configuration:

Read theme guide or watch their videos. You should watch others tutorial several times. Then you configure on your own.

Create a post, make edit, then delete. Thus, you get clear ideas about creating a post, edit and delete. This period, you set Google Index off. When 10-15 articles you can publish, you set Google Index on. That means your blog launch today.

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Final Course:

Time frame: 15 days

Daily hours: 8 hours. 2 hours for the course and 2 hours for what you learn today, research on Google or YouTube videos. And 4 hours you spend on your new blog.

Who can join the course? If you finish the above two free Blogging Course; you are eligible to join the course. Or you finished the course elsewhere, but you have the curiosity to learn more, you can also join.

Don’t make a hurry. Learn, check & test, and then apply. You learn for a long time. But work a little time during the course. When you finish the course, then you go your own way. No problems.

Three courses are articles based. I suggest you read every article for three times or more. It is important.

This course is to advance ideas if you can understand, it enhances you to pro. You don’t become a pro. To be a pro blogger, you need to have 2-3 years of practical experience. Not by the course only.

I don’t promise how much you can learn; it is your capability. But I can tell you, you never fall into traps and misguide ever.

If you feel you need more advance ideas rather than these courses, in this case, I suggest you go for getting a paid course. But you check their course quality.

Social media: You connect with us through social media. You find social media address on our site.

When you feel, the post is very helpful to you. You should put a comment. It encourages other people can read it.

Why these courses, you need to learn?

Many bloggers got started a blog without having knowledge of blogging. On the way of blogging journey, they become frustrated and give up business with huge times, money and energy loss.

For these people, we prepare the courses to help them. Or anybody can join these courses. No mandatory rule is here.

Certificate: We don’t provide a certificate. These are not a commercial course. We don’t design the courses as a commercial approach.

Exam: These modules we haven’t set up yet. Very near future, we publish to exam modules to check your skill ranking status.

Blogging tools: We haven’t set up free blogging tools to use yet. It will come later.

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Pinterest Course: To get traffic we will provide you a Pinterest course soon.

Affiliate marketing course:

We have an affiliate marketing course. We need to upgrade language. The link is on our site menu. If you need, you can try it.

It needs language to refine and polish, but the information is available there. 60,000 words long course it is. 


You need a training course that is mandatory in blogging. Otherwise, you may have the possibility of going nowhere.

People are not ready to get trained. They have no patience to learn. That is not so good.

If you crave learning free Blogging Course, go inside now. No charge, no binding schedule, and you can learn when you get time.

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Improve your writing skill:

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