The message makes you amazed lots. Most quit bloggers overcome the disaster. The sad news is that they don’t know what is the blogging disaster and how to overcome the blogger’s disaster. Why?

They learn to blog by searching from here and there. They just get a few blogging ideas. These ideas are not a blogging skill or experience.

They want to stand out the online international market. And they dive to compete with talented and professional bloggers. They become faded out on the dark corner of the net. They don’t learn how does a blog work for them.

Blogging course and one year experience is mandatory to be a success. Sudden few incomes aren’t your goal. You need a persistent income stream.

Offline vs. Online:

What is your goal? When does it come? It needs a time frame and comes step by step.

For instance, your goal is passive income. I don’t search for the definition. And I just catch the passive income is the 6-figure monthly.

I have two questions:

  1. After 2-3 months, do you want to earn the 6-figures in a month?
  2. If you want to get an offline 9-5 job, how much educational skill you need and how many years of experience you need to show get the 6-figures salary job in a month.

Can you come to the point? Two answers are the same or different.

If it makes sky height different, here is the pinpoint gaps, you discover the reasons. I answer in Quora, look at the following question.

Blogger’s Disaster

Quora question

Offline and online are ways to do business. Online people can do business through ‘work from home.’ Nothing else.

What does ‘Work from Home‘ means? Does it mean, no need skill, no investment, 3-4 hours in week efforts and 6-figures in a month?

Can you imagine this business frame on offline?

Unrealistic mindset works here. The realistic mindset is crucial to be a success.

Blogging to live. Blogging is not to be rich. In reality, your skills, efforts, and investment reward you.

Blogger’s disaster:

If you take three steps, you can destroy disasters on your way to be a success.

  1. Blogging to live. But it isn’t to be rich.
  2. Two skills are mandatory.
    1. Writing skill
    2. Blogging skill
  3. One year you need to improve your skill at professional levels.

Great! You can see nothing disasters on your way or you overcome that.

How many disasters, do you know?

  1. Your articles have no readers.
  2. Your articles have no social actions. ‘Like’, comment and share.
  3. No follower increases.
  4. Your articles have readers, but no engagements.
  5. Your articles have readers and engagements, but no sales.
  6. Sale but uneven sales.
  7. You need a persistent income stream.
  8. No organic traffic.
  9. Getting organic traffic, but uneven.
  10. Your organic traffic and sale are increasing.

After one year, your blog stands out at the above status. The above picture, what it means. You are facing disasters or overcoming that.

If your disaster status is the above, you are lucky. You are proceeding on overcoming your obstacles on the way to the goal.

You will be the millionaire or billionaire. It has a possibility. But our innocent new bloggers give up blogging after 3 or 6  or even 9 months.

Why do they give up blogging faster? They learn to blog searching from here and there. No Course. No ebook. Even no mentor.

Thus, we can say we are bloggers — no — pros. We search here and there. You want to earn the 6-figures in a month, even though we have no skills and years of experience.

If you carry this idea, I want to say, you never see the end of the blogging.

Blogging course:

If you are serious or addicted to blog or passionate to blog, you join the following course. You will be a pioneer of an online money maker if you can follow as it says.

Mastering a Blog: Volume-1

Volume-1 is the first part of the course. If you experience enjoyable, apply for the second part. We shall give the link through email.

This volume has ten parts. Every part for one day. Every part, you need to read at least 3 times with keeping a gap. Do the exercises and follow the notes obviously.

Follow up guideline:

Don’t make a hurry. Try to analyze every part. Keep notes when you confused. Note what is helpful. Let us realize your development after every part. We are waiting to learn something from you.

We will grade if we see the course makes you joyous. Or we can improve our courses.

Remember, an important feature of our course design based on practice. We tell you little to make you more practice. The practice makes you improve. Practice reach you with a new horizon.

We are not same as others. So don’t compare us with others. Please do what we say to do. Take care of our Notes.


Complete the course for blogging and writing skills. Take one year to apply what you learn from the course. The goal of blogging is to live, not to be rich. Nothing obstacles on your way to succeeding.

You can’t achieve the goal at a time. And you can reach to your destination step by step. It may need you in online for years. During this time, many hidden secrets, you can discover on your own.

If you don’t have one year time to be an expert blogger, you become frustrated and fear, doubt, and panic altogether pull you down from success. You can see blogger’s disaster on your way.