Stunning the matter to me, I am 2nd of the top ten in Quora. Absolutely, this is a reward of efforts, patient and persistent. The reward encourages me to devote to the job as well.

At the same time, the questions I have answered make me worry about. Questions requested me to give answers are the most SEO strategies, how to increase traffic and how to make blog post viral.

This is the sign new bloggers can’t achieve the core of the driving traffic. Since I have blog posts about SEO strategies and how to boost traffic, I attached them with the answer.

I have no blog post on how to make a post go viral. This is my audience hope, desired and appeal. How can I avoid? Accordingly, I think it is my duty.

I have searched for the viral post on Google; pro bloggers published many valuable posts on the topics.



Hi. YOU. The reader.

Have you desired to go blog post viral? Keep reading…

In this article, I like to disclose the myths of the viral post. Eventually, you can clearly understand what mechanism work behind the viral post. And how can you improve your post to the highest chance of getting viral post possibility?

At least, you can solve your traffic crisis forever. I shall show you with easy examples you can achieve.

Here is what you get 10 tips to get a viral post solution.

Let’s go to dive into deeper…


Tips-01: The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About AUDIENCES

New bloggers get started blogging to sell products. Ever since most of them are not successively trained, they can’t discover niche idea at all. This is why new bloggers can’t identify own blog niche audience.

This deficiency finally hit traffic generation. Who will read their blog post? Bloggers don’t know them. Their assumption everybody can read the posts.

  • What is a niche?

A niche is a group of people or a small market those people have a common interest, passion or need. Find a people problem, interest or need.

Likewise, home gardening, professional photographer, Weight loss, these are the hobby, interest, and problems.

  • Do you identify your niche audience?

If you want to sell makeup cosmetics, in this case, what is your niche?

When you select, your niche is ‘Natural Looking Makeup’, how can find your audience?

Every man can’t be your audience, a teenage boy, eldest woman, and baby. They are not your audience. Lady, young lady, and fashionable lady — they are your audience.

So, don’t make confusion between product and niche ever.

  • Do your audiences know you? Do you know them?

Your audiences are spread out over the world. How do you collect them? How can they reach to you? This is the pinpoint spot where blogging mechanism works behind.

Say… what is your audience problem? Can you find out it? They are searching for the solution. Find the problem. Create a solution for them not for sale but help.

This is the way; they come closer to you and your blog. In your blog, it should have different category posts. One type of posts is just to collect and introduce your audience by helping them free.

  • So your audiences know you an expert in this market?

This is an important part of blogging. Before sale, by helping niche audiences without interest, is a chance to get stand out in your niche market.

Make a connection and relationship with them. The important part of blogging will run until you can prove yourself as expertise in this niche market.

  • Do you develop your Authority in your audiences?

You are not salsy and pushy. You are helping them without interest. They are satisfied with your advice. Your service is comparatively better than other experts in the niche market.

An authority will grow up among audiences.

  • How much trust do they keep on you?

Your audiences like you, love you, happy on you, and keep trust on you. Thus, a trustworthy audience will grow up. This is the basement of traffic, leads, and sale.

Believe me. I have passed six months to grow loyal audiences. The problem is that new bloggers those are no getting traffic, they can’t understand these blogging parts.

They need to put effort without interest to build trust among audiences. Even since they can’t realize the reality of this blogging part.

Tips-02: Why Most Bloggers Will Never Be Great At AUDIENCE URGENT NEED

Find out your audience urgent need and solve them is a better chance to get traffic. Audience need is power and urgency is adding more power to attract an audience.

How can you understand your audience urgent need right now? It is not as easy as you think. This is a hidden method pro bloggers are using to be a success. It needs in-depth research.

If you are able to get access in their souls, you see what they see. You hear what they hear. And you choose what they choose. This is a very sensitive job. But you need to dissolve the situation with your audiences.

You need a soul that realizes their burning pain. Ever since you need to feel their heartache and bloody heart.

Moneymaker bloggers can recognize this function. Indeed they are so far from here.

Tips-03: 3 Ways AUDIENCES’ BURNING PAINS Can Make You Invincible

When you find your audience burning pain, this is a golden chance to make them happy. A more professional artist can craft an image of what they imagine.

Those are expertise in their niche; they have more ability to craft solution design.

  1. Many bloggers are aware of their audience problem.
  2. Some of them educate and inform their audience problems.
  3. You have to solve their problems and make them satisfied as well.

When the reader read your content, they get the perfect solution ever. They become satisfied, they no need to go elsewhere to find out something more any longer.

This is the situation they obey what you say. Here you can do your business, no doubt.

Tips-04: How To Make Your Post Stand Out With ARTICLE TITLE.



Make your headline catchy, benefit-driven and curious.

Grab the reader’s attention within 3-5 seconds. It needs time and efforts with creative skill to craft the eye-catching and compelling article title. Most viral post titles beautify by a sharp knife with emotional or funny decorative elements.

Bloggers need extra skill to build a compelling article title.


  1. Writing tips for new bloggers.
  2. 10 writing tips for new bloggers.
  3. New bloggers, how to improve writing skill?
  4. 5 writing tips make you a professional writer.
  5. 10 writing tips turn your blog zero to hero.

Now find out the different first title and last title. There are no power words, sensory words, and emotional words in the first title

Zero to hero, Turn and 10 tips these kinds of words have extra power to grab the reader’s eyes. Those words make them attention and compile to click on.

Definitely, powerful article title plays a role to drive traffic. How to write a powerful article title? Can you believe me? I have spent one day long to create one title and 10 subtitles. I have used three tools herewith. All title strength score is avg 70% up.

  1. Article title generator tool
  2. Title strength calculation tool
  3. Emotional Marketing Value


Emotional Marketing Value.

Tips-05: How To Turn ARTICLE INTRODUCTION Into Success.

If your article title is attention capturing, eye-catching, quick-hitting, benefit-driven and curious, the reader is bound to click on. The reader will spend a few times 20-30 seconds. Your motivational and compelling introduction hooks the reader and keeps reading on.

When is it possible? How can you do it?

  1. Story Telling: In this article, I have told a small story.
  2. Create Emotion: ‘answered makes me worry’ this is an emotional word.
  3. Fear of Missing: This is my audience hope, desired and appeal. How can I avoid?
  4. Final Result Idea: the highest chance of getting viral post possibility
  5. A commitment: At least, you can solve your traffic crisis forever.

Your introduction makes the reader pull down effortlessly. It is possible when you have learned the following words and make sure of perfect use them.

  1. Power Words
  2. Sensory words
  3. Emotional Words
  4. Uncommon words
  5. Most useful words

Once you craft the title loving that title stimulates readers’ interest and then they find tremendous value or satisfaction. It increases your viral chances even more.

It builds trust in the writer that causes the reader to want to share for others. This sharing makes the post-viral

Tips-06: Why QUALITY CONTENT Is The Only Skill You Really Need.

Quality content is a buzzword in blogging. Everybody says from own experience. My assumption, new bloggers get almost confused. The hidden secret of quality content needs inside out.

Content should be conversational type as with the friend in a coffee house. It is not formal. This is not to provide instruction, advice, and guide. It is just for sharing with a friend.

Don’t show you an expert but make the reader friend, more closed to you. Be generous. People like generosity.

Once you can set generosity approach in your content, you are a winner. Be awarded. Create content that reaches your audience’s audience.

One time, I was getting more up-vote from an answer in Quora. That arouses my curiosity to see the answer again.

The answer was. “The question is very complex. It needs a long discussion. Sorry I am not ready now to provide the answer.” This answer gets more up-vote than the right answer.

Who will identify content quality?

This is the question to discover the solution.

For whom have you created the content?

  1. Your wish: You don’t get any readers.
  2. Google satisfaction: Google sends readers but gets back quickly.
  3. For your audience to solve their burning pain.

If your content can satisfy your audience then it is quality content. Otherwise, how much SEO strategy, tips, the tactic you can apply Google never take your content as ranking.

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life. Only the instructional content is not enough. Adding emotion and surprise to your content can help your blog posts go viral.

Clear. And Concise. But Compelling. It should be easily digestible and understandable

User intent content is quality content. To make this type of content, you should have a closed relation with your audience. Why do they cry? Why do they laugh? What do they wish?

It needs in-depth long research to figure out. Every blogger is not ready to dig into deep. Moneymaker bloggers can’t realize the facts.

Those bloggers get fun helping people without interest. They’re earning is not front-end but back-end and almost hidden. The floodgate gets opened for them only.

They can realize how to create user intent content.

Tips-07: OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTENT? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.

Google algorithms are updating to make sure its users can satisfy on the search result. How can Google understand your content makes satisfied your audience?

Google analytics and social media engagement metrics are enough to identify quality content.

  1. Bounce rate
  2. Session duration
  3. Return visitor
  4. Click through rate
  5. Social Media likes, comments, and shares

On your own can recognize your content quality. When your post publishes in social media, how often and how many your post gets like, comment, share and click. Google is recording these.

Google will send you readers on your post. The readers get engaged, spend more time, navigate other pages, bookmark the post and come back again. What does it mean?

Google estimates your content is highly qualified and keep it ranking up.

What is for SEO? SEO is not content quality metrics. Google spider can catch SEO oriented content for the search result.

Even if your content is good in social media engagement but the content is not SEO organized, it doesn’t visibly in Google search engine result.

So pay attention to focusing SEO in your content right ways.

Tips-08: 3 Easy Ways To Make CONTENT PROMOTION Faster

Your quality content will be worthless if it can’t get readers. Promoting content is an important job for bloggers. You must make sure your content reaches to its readers quickly.



Social media, influencers, and email are the significant turbines behind getting a blog post to go viral.

Something unexpected or surprising is a powerful way to capture reader interest and attention.

How to promote your content faster?

  • Social Media

After publishing your post, you should share all the social media you have accounts. Especially, following social media, you should have account

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Reddit
  5. Quora
  6. Medium
  7. Pinterest
  8. Instagram
  9. Tumblr
  10. SlideShare
  • Create Backlink

You need to create backlink with high DA and most relevant blog posts. The wrong backlink pulls your post down.

  • Perfect SEO design and layout.

You should have the best and updated SEO practice. There are mostly three places you need SEO to set up.

  1. Blog
  2. Blog post
  3. Content

If you use a premium quality theme, it will organize SEO perfectly on blog and blog post. You need to be an expert on SEO in content design and layout.

Remember, create high-quality content is not enough to be a success if it is not highly promoted. It is your duty to reach the content to end-users.

How to get indexed quickly? You need to look after it.

Dressing your content marketing to go viral is not an accurate science by hook or crook.  But if you follow these proven guidelines, you can surely improve your chance of having a viral post

Tips-09: How To Turn Your Blog With CALL TO ACTION From Zero To Hero?

Your content must have a target. What do you want? If your blog post goes viral, many visitors are visiting your post, if you don’t hook them, you can’t find them later.

You must have to be a right plan and organization converts the visitors to leads. If your content makes visitors subscribers, the mail list will be future assets.

The post becomes viral without notice. There are no perfect theories to get the post viral. People try to find out the hidden secret formula on how to make the blog post viral.

Pro bloggers do research on viral posts. The emotional, simple and short post gets viral.

Because of that, you should always be ready to lead the visitors on CLEAR CALL TO ACTION. Where do you want to reach visitors at?

So, make sure you build a way for them to stay in touch with your viral blog post.

The blog posts that go viral are barely random. But the care of a series of steps, you can raise the chances of your content growing shared, running traffic, and causing a revenue stream.

Tips-10: Wondering How To Make Your TAKE AWAY Diamond? Read This!

Your post should have a conclusion at the bottom of the post. This is the place where you can remind key parts of this article in short. You should be a well-wisher and an adviser.

Because the readers get satisfied with the post, it means they are ready to obey your advice. This part should not be so long.

Let them say…

You can request them to put a comment with different ideas if they have or question or their feelings after reading the article.

It will be wise to request them to share the post for more people gets a chance to read it.

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