What is the best niche to start a blog – that was my first question in my blogging life? 

And what is about you?

It should tighten and be more accurate.

The best niche to start a blog is the first winning step.

In contrast, it is your first wrong turn to go nowhere.

Execute in-depth niche research on the following topics to discover your niche. 

  1. Profitable niche
  2. Niche product
  3. Niche market
  4. Blog niche
  5. YouTube niche
  6. Amazon niche
  7. Niche for drop shipping
  8. Identify your profitable niche
  9. High paying niche
  10. Niche examples

You can use keyword research tools to find out your niche. 

The Google keyword planner is a free keyword tool. 

Google Trends, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console are also free online research tools.

Workstream is a free keyword niche finder.

Brainstorming is one of the best ways to find your niche.

The Semrush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest are keywords research tools. You can apply them to find a niche.

Once you select your niche, you enjoy the right niche benefit for Long-life. 

To pick a profitable niche is the first job of your blogging life.

It is your first-time, first job, and almost challenging.

Don’t hurry. Be careful. 

And do everything smartly.

  1. Profitable
  2. Demandable
  3. Ready market
  4. Suitable for you
  5. You are passionate about it.

You perform more creativity to find your niche.

Niche research helps you find an untapped niche, untouched niche market, and the hottest niche products and services.

Once you can grab the right niche ideas, you see countless niche opportunities around you.

01. What is your blog niche?

A common problem, interest, or hobby for a target group of people. Who are ready to pay to achieve the goal.

  1. A common problem, interest or hobby
  2. The target group of people
  3. People are ready to pay to achieve their goals.

For example,

Acne is a disease. So it is a problem. 

All people have no acne. A selected group of people has acne.

They want a cure, and they are ready to pay for treatment.

So acne is a niche. If you are an expert on acne, you can start a niche blog.

Another example,

Photography is a hobby.

Not all people have this hobby.

High targeted people want to be a pro photographer.

They are ready to pay on how to become professional photographers.

So a professional photographer is a niche.

If you have photography skills, you can start a niche blog.

For the last example,

People have an eagerness to save money.

They follow budgetary control or eliminate unuseful costs.

Budgetary control is a niche. 

If you are an accountant, budgetary control is the best niche for you.

Your specific niche, a real niche for the target audience, can build a niche blog.

The popular niche is your niche to build a niche website.

02. Meaning of a niche:

A common problem, interest, or hobby for a target group of people. Who are ready to pay to achieve the goal.

People understand niches from different angles.

For instance,

Whether a niche is a product or a problem?

A niche is not a product. It is a problem like an acne.

Your content is a solution to get an organic cure.

If your reader wants an instant cure, you can offer medicine.

This medicine is your niche product to sell.

The product doesn’t present at the front-end, but it should work back-end to provide additional supports.

Another instance,

Amazon products. 

You want to sell photograph products.

You create various showcases in your blog to display distinct quality photographing tools with details. 

People choose them to buy.

It is very tough to win the game.

A blogger needs to have audiences.

To build an audience, you create content for review, comparison, or list posts. 

Your loyal audience follows your recommendation.

03. Niche examples:

Niche is a part of an industry.

Wealth = > budgetary control.

Health => Acne.

Hobby => to read fiction novels.

Every industry has categories and subcategories. 

Look at the image of ClickBank. 




Industry => categories => subcategories

Health => Health & fitness => Weight loss

Mass market => narrow market.

Weight loss => weight loss for women over 60 aged.

Health, wealth, and hobbies are an evergreen industry. 

Acne, save money, and fiction novels are an evergreen niche.

Mountain bikes, leather jackets, and the Olympics are a seasonal niche.

So you choose an evergreen niche. Right?

The source of niche ideas, are Google autocomplete, people also ask for, and searches related to keywords.

04. What is the best niche to start a blog?

That is the hardest part of a niche selection.

How many factors do you consider picking a profitable niche?

a). General Education: 

First, you follow your general education. 

For example, 

You are an accounting student.

Finance related niches are the best for you.

Wealth => Personal finance => Save money=> budgetary control. 

b). Previous Experience

Second, you consider your job experience if you have.

For instance,

You are the manager of a restaurant for five years.

Any recipe or kitchen equipment may be your niche. 

How to create pizza dough? And the product is a food processor. 

Pizza dough is your niche, and food processors are your niche products to sell.

c). Passionate

Third, you can consider your passion. What about you has more interest?

For a scenario, 

Home gardening is your hobby.

Writing storytelling is another practice.

Your family business is a sports shop.

In this case, your niche may be home gardening, storytelling, and the football game world.

Having a passion for a particular niche isn’t enough. You have to learn the ideas on certain niche needs to know.

d). Your business platform:

  1. Blog
  2. YouTube
  3. Podcast
  4. Others

YouTube is the best for beginners’ tutorial step by step.

Google Adsense is the best for a blog.

Affiliate marketing is best for both the blog and YouTube.

e). High search volume:

Your seed keyword or niche keywords must have a good search volume.

I like to see at least 3,000 exact match searches volume per month as the seed niche keyword. 

Long-tail keywords for creating content may be low volume. 

For example,

If long-tail keyword volume is ten per month and your content gets ten keywords ranking, that means 10 X 10= 100 per month for content. 

If you have 100 content, 100 X 100 = 10,000 search volume in a month for your blog.

f). Competition:

Measure the competition. Whether you can tolerate it.

Research top ten sites status like domain authority, page authority, and backlinks. 

As a beginner high search volume and low competition, you need.

If you are a dedicated, smart, and creative blogger, competition is not a matter.

You make yourself different from others. And create more specific, unique offers nobody can compare with them.

You will be king in your world.

g). Ready Market:

You need a ready niche market.

Audiences are buying, and your competitors are selling.

Money transaction is going on.

Quality products and services are available there.

You must enter into an existing market. OK?

h). Evergreen niche:

Your niche topics must be evergreen. 

Don’t follow a seasonal niche.

Expert players can play with seasonal niches.

Leather jacket, you can sell the products only during winter.

In summer, nobody buys it ever.

i). Check your audience:

Your audience class is a matter.

The local audience is an important fact.

Your audience has no ability to buy your offers.

Audiences are children who have no buying power.

Your audiences are high profiles. You can’t manage them.

You consider it before finding your niche.

j). Sell and buy from the showroom.

Tissues never buy through online orders.

People buy a few products from nearby to their house.

Industrial generator people never buy through online orders.

They collect information but buy from the showroom by watching.

People buy sunglasses using and watching through a mirror from the showroom. 

k). Affiliate commission.

You want more profits and sales. 

Digital products are best for niche marketing.

DIY [do-it-yourself] products are perfect for affiliate marketing like an ebook, course, and training. 

So check the market, you have the desired product, service, and top commission rate.

Otherwise, you fall into a false position.

05. Broad Niche

Do you know a broad niche?

For example,

Weight loss is a big industry. 

Mass marketing. Big investors are there.

Top authority websites are available there.

You come down one step, two steps, or even three steps.

  1. Weight loss
  2. Weight loss=> organic weight loss
  3. And Weight loss=> organic weight loss=> organic weight loss women aged over 60.

As a beginner, you can work with the organic weight loss of women over 60.

06. Narrow Niche 

It is so tough to get access to the existing market. Because of that, you can’t defeat big investors or high DA websites.

But big investors don’t work with narrow niches. 

It is a matter of research to find a reliable narrow niche.

It has a high search volume with no competition.

People have the interest to create content on search volume at ten monthly.

It has other opportunities.

These days, Google is giving a page ranking with different keywords.

This post title has four keywords asunder.

  1. What is the best niche to start a blog = 10/mo
  2. Best niche to start a blog = 10/mo
  3. Start a blog = 60,500/mo
  4. Best niche = 140 /mo

In the full content body, how many keywords are there? 

One article may get ranked by 1k keywords.

My focus keyword is the best long-tail keywords that have a search volume of 10/mo.

If it gets ten keywords ranking, traffic will come 10X10=100/mo

If the blog has 100 pages then 100 X 100 = 10,000/mo

07. Microniche

Expert bloggers or pro-bloggers like micro niches because they know how to use.

If you can understand the mechanism, you can get ranking within a quick time.

What is a micro niche?

The niche is a part of a niche or sub-niche.

  1. Weight loss of a woman’s belly fat.
  2. Trim fat writing
  3. How to create a blog?
  4. Smartphone Camera
  5. Baby care tips for new moms

A micro niche is more workable, an excellent choice, and the right success niche idea.

Choose a narrow niche from niche industries that are evergreen niche categories.

08. Multiple Niche 

Expert bloggers can manage a blog with multiple niches.

Beginners NEVER do that.

For example

Look at the image below.




He manages different niches through categories.

High professional people can do this.

As a beginner, don’t do this.

A new niche that means new skills and you don’t have prior ideas is not a potential niche.

Niche store: A dropshipping niche means having a store catered for a target of people with the same interests.

09. Highest paying niche:

For Google Adsense, the following niches are the highest paying keywords.

  1. Downloads Website.
  2. Health and Fitness.
  3. Insurance.
  4. Automobile.
  5. Make Money Online.
  6. Marketing and Advertising.
  7. Technology.
  8. Personal Finance.

You take the ideas.

But don’t choose them.

10. A niche case study:

Once I wanted to rearrange my blog niche flow chart hierarchy keywords, subcategories, and categories asunder.

Niche and keywords-best niche to start a blog

best niche to start a blog

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Focused keywords
  4. Post types
  5. Backlinks
  6. Paid ads

The above six keywords together make the niche [SEO tips] empowered.

In my blog, I have no unique niche strength. Look at the below image.

Blogging tips

Blogging tips

  1. Web hosting
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Fiverr BD

The above three sub-niches stay out of the blogging tips niche. This idea is not so good. 

Concrete a single niche blog that categories, tags, and all posts represent one idea is the best niche blog. 

Main Take Away:

Eliminate all from your mind what you have learned. 

Keep yourself refreshed. And gain it again from zero.

What do people want?

All people don’t want a single thing.

Country, people age, affordability, sex, and mores make wanting divide into people’s need, want, and desire.

For example, 

Home gardening is a hobby, but not for all people. A group of people’s hobbies is home gardening.

Likewise, a group of people has writing skills. They want to write. They want to improve their writing skills.

A recipe, homemade pizza, a group of people want to make pizza at home like a restaurant.

Other people have the skills to provide the services they want.

One is people‘s needs. Other people have the skills to solve needs.

How to solve it? Write guidelines, tips, and tricks.

People want to solve their urgent needs with pay. So you can offer products to sell.

What is a niche?

Niches are people problems you have the skill to solve. 

You launch a blog. Write the solution for free.

People read and also watch your affiliate ads.

If your writing solution can prove your skills to solve the problems, then people keep trusting in you. 

And then people buy your recommended products or services.

Finding a niche, what do you learn in this niche post?

Can you build a niche site for a niche?

What is a niche business?

And what are niche markets?