Have you thought ever, you need to fight with yourself or best hosting website for WordPress? You didn’t satisfy Google, which it craves, not with customers. Alas, the best web hosting was the matter, I traced it so late.

Choose the perfect hosting is a matter these days. The survive of online marketing depends on the right hosting plan, hyper super speed, and timely services.

Cheap is the powerful world. Cheap web hosting is a horrible word. Do you know? You need to face the online global competition. As a result, you need a heavy weapon, a knife with a dual side sharpened. 

Likewise, a hyper quality domain hosting is a winning tool. Don’t mistake. Be careful. Right?

The post is an easy guideline to choose the best web hosting plans for beginners. Advanced concepts for you to get the best user experience you can earn. Do you know the best web hosting works for SEO Optimization?

01. What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an internet service through which people get access to websites by the Worldwide Web. The server, the internet, and the domain, united are the service. 

Web hosting providers have different servers with varied web service plans. You buy that hosting plans to get spaces to keep your website to remote access. 

To understand web service ideas, you need to learn the following web topics. 

  1. Web server.
  2. Website domain.
  3. Web hosting companies.
  4. Web hosting services.
  5. Free web hosting.
  6. Web hosting plans.
  7. WordPress hosting.
  8. Web hosting providers. 
  9. Domain and hosting
  10. Web hosting with cPanel.

The web hosting related issues is. I give you the topics only. If you need in-depth ideas, you can search for deeper to learn. 

02. Type of hosting server.

People need a different genre of web hosting services. The website hosting service providers make their servers well-formed to meet the people’s needs. Small business to large business and cheap to highly rated services, you can find what you need the best hosting website for WordPress. 

  1. Shared Web Hosting. 
  2. Reseller Web Hosting. 
  3. Cloud-Based Web Hosting. 
  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS).
  5. Dedicated Web Server.
  6. Co-location Web Hosting.
  7. Self-service Web Hosting.
  8. Managed WordPress Hosting.

People can meet their needs by shared hosting. When you need a single server to meet your business demand, then you need a dedicated web server.  You need to pay for the full rent for the server and other services included.

03. What are web hosting providers?

What do you need? And what do you want? To achieve the goal faster, what genre of hosting service plan you need. 

For instance, you need organic traffic, from Google, your hosting must be, hyper-speed. Another example, you can earn thousand of traffic a day, then you need higher bandwidth. 

Your software runs through the tomcat server. So you need Java hosting. Most bloggers use WordPress CMS. They need WP hosting. 

Thus, you make a list of what do you need. As a beginner, you can get help from experts in hosting ideas.   

Since this is not a review post, so I give a list of hosting providers. You can pick any of them as the best hosting website for WordPress.

  1. DreamHost
  2. Hostinger
  3. Bluehost
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. HostGator
  6. InMotion Hosting
  7. MochaHost
  8. Web Hosting Hub
  9. SiteGround
  10. GreenGeeks

People are looking for the best rated hosting services.  Most of the time, web hosting providers’ plans mismatch with users’ requirements. The mismatch is not a weakness, but a mistake. Since every website hosting provider has a good or a poor rating.  

04. The best web hosting features.

People are looking for the best hosting plans. The best hosting depends on features and services. Following topics, you must check before selecting a hosting to buy. Every issue, you need to understand them clearly.

  1. Types of hosting offered.
  2. Rates and contracts
  3. Domain and transfer fees
  4. Cancellation policies
  5. Security
  6. Storage and bandwidth
  7. Pre-installed apps and integrations
  8. Reported uptime
  9. Reputation 
  10. Customer hosting services

For instance, I give you a list of issues you need to learn. But if you research, you will get more topics. Google follows you and records your activities. How much are you expert to hold your site healthier?

05. Web hosting, technical features:

The web hosting-technical features are difficult concepts for you. You have the experience, well, you can check them. You don’t need research to understand them. 

If you have specific topics to have your hosting, you can discuss the matters with the hosting company before buying. For instance, you need email service, extended bandwidth, or Java 8. In this case, you can check the hosting plan layout you need to buy from the best hosting website for WordPress. 

  1. Cpanel
  2. Operating system
  3. Web space1
  4. Traffic limit3
  5. UNIX-hosting
  6. Windows-hosting
  7. Website Builder Small
  8. Send newsletters
  9. 1 000 mail/month
  10. Google Ads voucher
  11. F-Secure Internet Security
  12. Domain name
  13. Subdomains
  14. SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
  15. Premium-SSL
  16. DDOS protection
  17. E-mail space2
  18. And E-mail accounts (POP3 & IMAP)
  19. E-mail aliases
  20. E-mail auto-replies
  21. And E-mail forwards
  22. E-mail virus filter
  23. E-mail spam filter
  24. Webmail
  25. FTP access
  26. FTP accounts
  27. Number of files
  28. One-Click Installer 4
  29. PHP5U
  30. CGI (Perl & Python) 6U
  31. ASP.NET7W
  32. ASPW
  33. PHP memory
  34. MariaDB 10.2 (MySQL)
  35. MariaDB size
  36. MS SQL 2014
  37. Password protected foldersU
  38. Daily backup9
  39. Support, phone & e-mail
  40. Scheduling (cron)

The above topics are a lengthy list. You can review them to find your needs. Please read them, don’t miss it. 

6. Why do you need web hosting reviews?

People fear and doubt to buy online. The online scammer or fake info makes them confused. People search for trust, security, and the best services. How to overcome the hassle?

Because of that, you find many systems, you can earn satisfaction on the web. You should have experience of using the methods.

  1. Award winner
  2. Bestseller
  3. Review
  4. To-ten list
  5. Comparison 
  6. Rating
  7. Legit
  8. Scam

https://www.scamadviser.com give you legit or scam report. Comparison and review are the best sources for getting ideas.  From a forum, post-comment, and service postal, you can learn what you need. 

Product and service-based businesses have rating systems. You can check the rating quality with comments find out the best hosting website for WordPress. 

07. Stop searching for cheap web hosting.

The defective or unfit arms, nobody uses it in a war. Those are strong, with weapons, they win the war. People know it. Do you know?

The digital market is the world of competition online. Hosting is the most powerful tool. The hosting shouldn’t be unfit, low feature, and weak. 

People want free stuff to avoid the expense. Buy high-quality products is not a loss, but it is an investment. You invest to earn more. The investment is a business capital.

So, don’t search for cheap of the following things. Cheap or free platform users are failures in online business. 

  1. Super-quality domain
  2. Hyper-speed hosting plan
  3. Premium quality WP theme
  4. Course or Ebook.

Here is the best place you need to invest as it needs. So, don’t be cheap. Be careful. Right?

So discover the best hosting website for WordPress.

08. Software-based web hosting.

People use the website hosting for various purposes. Most people need different forms with varied software. Most software is not possible to install on a server with the best performance.

So, people search for a particular software-based server. Following ways, people ask for their needs.

  1. PHP hosting
  2. Java hosting
  3. Linux hosting
  4. Windows hosting
  5. MySQL hosting 
  6. WordPress hosting
  7. Email hosting
  8. Cloud hosting
  9. Dedicated hosting
  10. Shared hosting
  11. Managed hosting
  12. Reseller hosting
  13. Magento hosting
  14. Tomcat hosting
  15. Subdomain hosting

The list makes your sense of hosting ideas wider. I won’t explain them in detail. Ok? 

09. What is a free web hosting?

What is free hosting? How is it free domain hosting? The free website domain is a marketing strategy. 

Free stuff is not for you. You get nothing from free things. 

Free is a marketing trap. You need to buy free products, eventually. Sound familiar? 

How does the best free web hosting work? Do you know it?

  1. Full free with limited features.
  2. The trial version is for a period of 14 or 30 days. 
  3. Hidden money included.
  4. Maintenance and accessories are of high prices.
  5. The first step is free, and the next step is to pay.

The matter is clear that you don’t do business with a free weapon, free material, and free platform. Free things are learning materials. 

They invite you with pleasant, but you run away with frustration. You don’t have the desired performance, side speed, and trust from customers. The following is the top free website hosting list.

  1. Wix 
  2. WordPress
  3. Weebly
  4. Jimdo
  5. Byethost
  6. Webnode 
  7. AwardSpace
  8. Angelfire
  9. Neocities
  10. Tripod
  11. uCoz
  12. FreeHostingEU
  13.  U Host Full
  14. Free Virtual Servers
  15. Freehostia

Wix, WordPress, and Blogspot are famous. You can use any of them. You can check others which can meet what you need?


Read the top ten list of web hosting providers. Then you read a comparison article. When you select to buy a hosting, check a review post of that hosting provider. You can check by a scam or legit tool.

What do you need, from the best hosting website for WordPress? Make a list of what you want. The best idea is you buy a startup plan. Use it, grow your user experience, and upgrade later when you need it. 

If you have prior experience, you can do what you need. Don’t be more economical in this case. Cheaper and free platform users are failures. So discover best hosting website for WordPress and pay as it required.

WPEngine and SiteGround are the best of best for speed servers and services. Though there are costly, it is the right place to invest.

I am eager to hear from you about how much the post improves your thoughts and experience. If you have more advanced ideas, let us know to put a comment.