Have you ever wondered, to define your perfect domain name is your first and last job in this blog journey? You don’t get the possibility to edit it else more.

Most bloggers have made this mistake. I am one of them. Because people don’t get time or have no intense important later.

The SEO optimized brilliant domain name for a blog is a crucial part of a successful blog. Do you know the keywords in the domain name are SEO metrics? 

You should make research, brainstorm, and spend more time to uncover an adorable web address. What is the rule of selecting the best domain name for the blog?

You can follow your passion or business goal, either. The business goal can get more preferred than others.

People kept the web address, by a personal name, eye catchy, dazzling words, and memorable. 

In this article, I will show you a precise and concise guideline on how to choose a domain name. You need to select a domain address considering a reasonable condition.

Do you know before picking up a domain, what to do? You need to complete three things asunder.

01. What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a field of control within the web. We use domain names in specific naming and addressing purposes. 

The part of a network address that identifies a website as belonging to a particular domain.

A domain name is a unique network address that describes a single website. Internet users can access your website. 

02. Who are domain name registrars?

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) develops policy on a unique identity and agrees with the Internet’s naming strategy. It is the inspecting body for the domain names on the web.

ICANN regulates and oversees the domain name industry. The organization is accountable for certifying companies as domain name registrars.

The only way to register and start using a domain name is to use the services of a domain registrar. The following are domain name registrars.

  1. Domain.com.
  2. GoDaddy.com.
  3. Namecheap.com.
  4. Bluehost.com.
  5. HostGator.com.
  6. Name.com.
  7. ionos.com
  8. Register.com.
  9. Domains.google
  10. Inmotionhosting.com/domains 

Every domain registrar has features and conditions to apply. So few of them are the best domain name registrar. Few of the others are top domain registrars.

You can use your web name after getting domain registration. 

Few people who need more privacy, they can use an unnamed domain registry. Without personal data, they give you a domain name. Sound good, right?

Most people search for cheap domain name registration and it is workable, where you need no traffic and no ranking. OK?

The domain needs to renew when it is near to expire. The domain registrar checks it to tell you about the details. Don’t forget, Right?

The domain registrar gives you domain-related services. Be sincere in using the best domain registrar.

03. What is the best domain name for a blog search?

Before getting domain registration, people start to search for domain name  asunder.

  1. Check domain availability.
  2. Perfect domain name.
  3. It’s value
  4. Premium domains to cheap domains.
  5. Register a domain.

The best domain name for blog search availability is the first job to buy a domain. It ensures you to buy your desired web name. Most websites have free service to check domain availability. OK?

Note that after getting domain name availability, purchase the domain name faster. In contrast, you may miss your domain. So after choosing the best domain name for a blog, you must book or buy, but don’t neglect it for a while.

Google domain name search, WordPress domain search, and other registrars, you visit where you wish. You can also bulk domain search when you need it. Do you know it?

Domain search availability: https://www.name.com/domain/search

04. Brilliant domain names:

You might be wondering how you get the fancy or an eye-catching domain name. Right?

How to choose the best domain? A domain name should be short, SEO friendly, and memorable. You should consider branding ideas. 

The best domain that assists you in achieving business goals. Keywords are in a domain name is the best choice. Smartly choose a brilliant domain name.

05. What is the domain name checker?

Before or after buying, you need a domain name checker. You can check for availability, value, expiry date, and domain owners, and so on. You get a bulk domain checker, value checker, and name finder.

So, you can discover the data whatever you need through a domain name checker. Very powerful tools they are.

Domain checker: https://sg.godaddy.com/domains/domain-name-search

06. How to get a free website domain?

Most hosting providers offer a free domain name with hosting.  They include the domain value with hosting costs that are marketing strategies.

Squarespace is a website builder and hosting provider that offers a free domain with hosting plans.

07. Free domain names: 

Few hosting companies offer free domain names and hosting as a free sub-domain. Those people are searching for a lower cost they can use free web domain. For instance, https://www.awardspace.com is one of them.

Few popular websites offer free blogs and hosting together for a lifetime.

  1. WordPress.com. 
  2. Blogger.com. 
  3. LiveJournal.com.
  4. Tumblr.com.
  5. Webs.com.
  6. Weebly.com.
  7. Penzu.com. 
  8. Squarespace.com.

 A few vital services you need, but you will also get free asunder.

  • Free domain transfer.
  • Free unlimited web hosting.
  • Get a free domain.
  • Free domain email address.

Most of the free offers are a trial version, or hidden cost involve. Why people give you free things? 

08. What are domain name suggestions?

Few websites give the auto-domain suggestion service. Most people who need a domain name are new. They don’t know how to craft a web address. 

You give domain-related data. They will create an auto-domain suggestion for you. https://www.domainit.com/domain-suggest-tool.mhtml

09. Types of domain names?

TLD – Top Level Domains

  1. .com – commercial business (the most common TLD)
  2. .org – organizations (typically, nonprofit)
  3. .gov – government agencies
  4. .edu – educational institutions
  5. .net – network organizations
  6. .mil – military

ccTLD – country code Top Level Domains. 

Countries or geographical locations: 

  1. .com.uk, to represent England. 
  2. .com.au, to represent Australia.

gTLD – generic Top Level Domain.

  1. .com, 
  2. .org, 
  3. .edu, 
  4. Etc

IDN ccTLD – internationalized country code top-level domains

Second level: 

A second-level domain (SLD or 2LD) is a domain that is directly below a 

Top-level domain (TLD). For example, example.com, an example is the second-level domain of the .com TLD. 

Third level: 

The third-level domain is often called a subdomain and includes a third domain section of the URL. 

10. Domain name examples: 

  1. New top-level domains: To get your business success in the online competition world, you need a top-level domain. The new top-level domains you can use such as, .dev, .nyc, .online.
  2. Top-level domain (TLD): A top-level domain (TLD) is one domain at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. Top domain names are an SEO factor. So you choose a niche-oriented or SEO friendly top-level domain name.
  3. Generic top-level domain: A generic top-level domain covers a thematic field rather than a geographical field. For instance, .org refers to nonprofit organizations. The .info gTLD refers to an informative nature. Unlike ccTLDs, gTLDs always contain at least three letters.
  4. Second-level domain: In the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy, a second-level domain (SLD or 2LD) is a domain that is directly below a top-level domain (TLD). For instance, in abcd.com, abcd is the second-level domain of the .com TLD.
  5. Third-level domain: The third level domain, is often called a subdomain and includes a third domain section of the URL. For instance, in blog.abcd.com, the blog is the third level domain of the .com TLD.
  6. Global domain: A global domain is a global generic. The .GLOBAL is a new domain extension, and it’ll promote your website. Everybody can register a global domain name.
  7. Custom domain name: For instance, “yourcompanyname.com,” you can search for a custom domain name and purchase it from Google Domains or other companies.
  8. Short domain name: Short domain names are a valuable domain that is a 4-letter or a 3-letter domain name. A shorter domain can use as a brand name for your business or as an investment such as ADIB.com, ADSS.com, and AHHA.com.

The premium domain has the desired length, keywords, and brand-ability. Premium domains are more precious than others. So selected people can prefer it. 

11. What are internet domain name services?

Domain name service is when people ask for various information related to domains. Domain service is to get domain service near to you.

Internet domain name services have .services extension domain name provider.


12. How to buy a domain name?

When you need to buy a domain name, first you search domain suggestion to get the perfect name. After that, check domain availability. If it is available, buy, or book, but doesn’t keep it left. 

  1. Types of the domain.
  2. Cheap domain names.
  3. Domain value.
  4. Buy the email domain.
  5. Buy expired domains.
  6. And buy a domain online.
  7. Buy a domain from google.
  8. Domain booking.
  9. Domain renewal.
  10. And domain agents.

Here are the ideas of what and how you check before buying a domain. After checking features and required configuration, you can buy your domain from any registrar. 

Buy your domain from any registrar: https://www.namecheap.com/

13. What is a subdomain?

The subdomain means third-level domain. For instance, blog.example.com. Here, the blog is a subdomain or third-level domain. 

A free blog URL is always a subdomain. Few hosting companies offer free subdomain with hosting. People choose the domain name as cheap.

If you search for a subdomain to blog, WordPress subdomain, blogger subdomain, and Wix is the best choice. 

Root domain in which you get registration. A domain name has a protocol and may have a subdomain. But the root domain which you registered. 

Find your subdomain: https://findsubdomains.com/

14. What email domain name?

EMAIL Domain Name Registration gives you the EMAIL Domain. EMAIL Domain has an EMAIL extension. The EMAIL Domain is great for individuals, families, customer support companies, online email providers, and hosting companies. People check email domain availability. 

Domain email address is an email id that matches your domain. It has unlimited bandwidth. Your email on your domain. That is unlimited email accounts and email aliases.

EMAIL Domain Registrar: https://www.domain.com/domains/tlds/email

15. Buying and selling domain names?

Buying and selling domain names are hot markets. If you want, you can sell your web address. Premium domains for sale are common. 

A domain reseller provides the service to sell or purchase deleted domains, expired domain names, dropped domains, and active domain.

A Large Marketplace: https://sedo.com/us/

16. What is domain transfer?

The hosting service provider offers enormous features and benefits. But people don’t enjoy committed services in time. Because of that, people try to transfer another’s hosting company. Then they need to cheap domain transfer. How to get a safe transfer? People search for asunder. 

  1. Namecheap transfer domain.
  2. Transfer domain to GoDaddy. 
  3. Transfer domain to google. 
  4. And transfer the domain to Wix. 
  5. Transfer domain name.

These days most host company has the feature of the domain transfer. When you buy, check it, please.

Everything is one place: https://sg.godaddy.com/domains/domain-transfer

17. What is domain extensions?

Here is a shortlist of domain extensions. Every domain extension has its meaning. A few domain extension is not for the public.

Domain name extension list-min

Domain name extension list-min

New domain extensions, country domains, and URL extensions are various domain extensions are available on the net.

18. Domain name generator:

Most people search for a domain generator, a short web address generating tool creates a short, memorable, and a catchy web address. A free online domain name generator provides the service. 

Sound cool, right? 

Domain generator:https://www.namemesh.com/ 

19. Find the domain owner.

Do you have an idea of how to find domain owner detail? You should have to learn as a beginner. Right?

Sometimes, you may need to find the domain owner. You need a tool for that search for domain ownership.

Domain owner lookup: http://whois.domaintools.com/

20. Research to find a brilliant web address.

When you have selected your niche, you should check your niche market. Figure out the niche authority websites and influencers. Discover what they use their domain name and search for the best domain name for your niche market.


This guide shows you varied information on how to be an owner of a domain name. As a beginner, you don’t need to know everything faster. To be a professional point of view, you need to learn. 

The domain management service provider makes you an owner of a web address. Your domain should be a high-quality domain. 

The best domain name for the blog is domain address, web link, or website URL. So the web domain should be the best domain or new domain that is your domain account.

Listen. I want to know what is your confusion, inquiry, and question to learn more. I wait to know your ideas on the topic. OK?