When I write ‘BD Online Income Tips’ for our country people, how to earn money online in Bangladesh, I don’t care who follows me. 

It makes me amazed, when I imagine alone, isolated, and so far from crowding, about my country, people and the younger. A group of educated young and energetic people is ready to make the future of their own life, our people and our country.

Who will awake them, aware of them and lead them?

In the first country school or college, students can earn money online. But our people can’t earn money after postgraduate. Those country’s people earn money part-time. Our people can’t earn that volume by full-time. 

How more  far we are! How much gap income level between countries. 

Our people have productivity and creativity more than others. I can bet.

The garment sector, illiterate people don’t prove this. Why can’t our educated people prove in the IT Department? 

  • This is not rocket science. We don’t know and how can we learn?
  • It doesn’t need bulk investment which gives us loan billion thousand dollars.
  • This is not art that needs crafting skills as Leo Nardò DA Vinci had.

It needs persistent efforts with a patient. We are impatient and don’t have persistence. 

We need to improve our mentality and personal skills. And we need to increase our creativity. We should avoid wasting time, energy and money. 

We need a skillful course on ‘Earn Money Online’ in Bangladesh. I have a free blogging course, blogging is the way of earning passive income online.

What are ‘BD Online Income Tips’?

Bangladesh people engage with freelancing and outsourcing. If you have a higher dream of having financial freedom, you can join the course under the following guideline. 

This is a guideline on how to join an ‘Earn Money Online Course.’ The guideline is important to learn. Our courses are free. If you are a postgraduate and have time enough to join improving blogging and writing skills, you are welcome.

Tips 01: A year of the training period:

We want to earn money, but don’t want to learn. No time to learn is the wrong mindset. First, you need to learn. How much in-depth you can learn? Online income has no pre-fixed guidelines. 

Everybody says their experience. These are not master rules. How can you learn SEO algorithms and social media algorithms? You need at least to know what Search Engine wants from you. How do social media work for you?

Tips 02: Complete an online course:

You need to complete a course on your online topics. Blogging and writing skill is a fundamental course. If you can complete these two courses, you can move everywhere on the online issues.

Tips 03: Realistic mindset:

  1. You earn blogging to live, but not to be rich faster.
  2. Online success depends on persistent efforts.
  3. It needs a long patient.
  4. ‘Earn Money Online’ has no easy button, quick button, and a passive button. You just press, everything goes to be done. 
  5. It needs to invest. 
  6. Organic progress is the best policy and speed.
  7. Don’t focus on earning but pay focus on improving your skills.
  8. Nobody can stand out online without having professional skills.
  9. Training is the key to be a success.
  10. A realistic mindset is crucial to be a success.

‘Make money online’ needs two skills desperately such as writing and blogging skill.

Tips 04: Without investment. 

This is a wrong idea and an unrealistic mindset. 

Without investing in how to earn money online in Bangladesh? This is not a credit, skills, and focus point. You need to invest where it needs.

Tips 05: Full-time engagement. 

The first choice is full-time. You can do the business part-time. Part-time is a very long schedule. Many people can’t tolerate more longevity. 

Those have time and scope, don’t fear to engage in full-time. You need to win, overcoming international competition. 

Tips 06: Whether ‘Earn Money Online’ work for you? 

This is a mental weakness. You need strong confidence in ‘it works for you.’ But you don’t test again. Because people proved their success worldwide. 

First, you need to learn how it works for you. That means you need to complete a training course. 

Tips 07: What about I can help you? 

Yes, you need to have ideas for my business range. I am a pro blogger, writer, and author. So, I help people who have postgraduate education, time and a higher dream of having financial freedom.

I don’t do freelance and outsource. So, you don’t get ideas from us. 

Blogging is an alluring, lucrative and evergreen money making online scheme.

Tips 08: What do you learn from us more exact? 

Following skills, you can learn in touch with us.

  1. Writing skill
  2. SEO and Algorithm
  3. Niche and Audience
  4. Build a loyal audience.
  5. Research the niche and become an expert.
  6. Research the niche audience and Discover their urgent need.
  7. Learn WordPress and WP Theme.
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Mastering social media
  10. Promotion

Tips 09: How much you have to pay for me? 

You don’t pay money for blogging and writing course fee. No hidden money you need to pay. I don’t earn money teaching others yet. Learning is free here. 

Tips 10: How do I earn money? 

During your online journey, you need to buy varied online products. If you follow our recommendation, the vendor gives me a few commissions that not hit your expenditure.

I have ebooks on blogging and writing. I earn money to sell ebooks.

And I am a Medium writer who pays me. 

Tips 11: My blog is not commercial? 

My blog has no commercial ads, banner, and affiliate links. The site is free of any ads. Don’t forget to visit my blog. The blog safe from spam. 

Tips 12: No spam here? 

I have no easy button, a quick button, and a passive button. I just give you practice load, experiment, and research. 

You put persistent efforts with a patient. Improve your skills and earn self-confidence. 

Tips 13: Training method?

The course is to earn money online in Bangladesh. So you learn online. I have no practical class. Communicate with me through email, but not by a messenger.  

Tips 14: Masting a blog?

Mastering a blog is online blogging courses

Volume -01: Learn whether you are fit for ‘Earn Money Online.’ After reading this volume, near to 50% beginner downfall. Because we don’t give you fake information to ignite your greed. 

Volume -02: Improve your real skills in this volume. V2 is a password protected. After finishing v1, you must apply for v2 through my email: hasanhabib2009.gmail.com

Volume -03: Advance tips on ‘Earn Money Online. ’V3 is a password protected. After finishing v2, you must apply for v3 through my email.

Tips 15: Research-based training?

We don’t supply course sheets. We just give you practice load, experiment, and research. If you have no time, impatient and no persistent, you don’t tolerate our course. 


The people have a higher dream of Earn Money Online in BD, online income tips are for those people. We show you the sure success path of ‘Earn Money Online’ in BD.

Postgraduate has time and passion. They are welcome to our course. 

This is a practical course. You can learn on your own. We just give you a guideline.