High professional people don’t realize online earning in Bangladesh. Why are they not here? In contrast, they can enjoy easier to get high-quality jobs online. A strong wall is a divider online earning in BD.

Do you know, online money makers are a millionaire or billionaire over the world? Our people work online as labors, ‘no work no paid’ basis. Outsourcing, typewriting, copy-paste, and survey.

They have enormous opportunities. How they collect them and use them? Our people write articles as a freelance writer. I have seen, one article for $1,500. How much they earn from each article?

People want quality, not a country. We go through quality to arrive there. Elegant or higher educated family think, online earning for poor or jobless people. This is the wrong idea.

We should change our mentality of online earning in BD. Our foreign currency will increase. Our liability will decrease if they come.

I spent lots of time on this topic. I found three big reasons.

  1. When you want to learn about BD online earning, who comes to us, who teach us and give us advice on YouTube. Most of them are the younger generation. Can you see any lecture from Dhaka university professor? Or BUET or like this.
  2. What’s a matter do they teach? Outsourcing, web design and graphic design. Those people close to retirement. They can do this. Or Those university students, high genius, they can’t accept this.
  3. How they travel on, we need a guideline with clarity. The precise and concise tips can change the country status.

If we can overcome the three obstacles, high-class people easier can get access there. I will write the guideline step by step. But who needs it? Who follows it? Anybody has?

I write. I don’t stop. And I don’t care who read it. I don’t care about people’s opinions.

We have another gigantic problem is, “How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh Without Investment?” So our people can’t overcome the layers. They also think,  “BD Online Income: Is it Possible?” Where we need confidence, but we have confusion.

Our educated female! Most of them jobless. Many of them in hard jobs. It does not satisfy a group with their jobs. In the first country, women take work from home, online business or online earning.

Our sisters don’t know the path. If they get the path, they become happy to stay at home. They need not go outside for the job. They can grab BD online earning.

Our higher technical people, after retirement, they become jobless or hopeless. In contrast, they can sell their technical ideas at a high rate. Do they know, they have a golden opportunity to earn money online through their skills?

Our people need a proven strategy to progress. They need to have passion, eagerness and creativity. Any method or a tutorial, it may be workable, but who uses it.

Another important thing, BD online earning is not so easy as it sounds. It needs practice, experiment, and research. And it needs passion, persistent and patient. You need to put persistent efforts.

You need to upgrade yourself on an international level. It is a matter of spending time, energy and money.