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The Man Was Highly Creative!

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I engaged with job overload, busy with my team for urgent software delivery and angry with them to exit the delivery deadline. My mobile rang, but I didn’t care. It was ringing. I coded the software algorithm, highly creative work. Educational software with VB5, Crystal Reports 7 and MSSQL database combination. I told the [...]

Fear Of Google Kills Blogger Creativity.

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Blogger creativity is cutting the noise of the web crowd to win thousands of adoring fans. The goal of blogging nurtures here. Bloggers meet their need from loyal audiences. Bloggers invest extreme efforts with arts and sciences on how to build loyal audiences. Why people follow you? What you carry, other people don’t. Have [...]

My flexibility overcomes obstacle to delight.

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Before launching my blog, I thought to blog was a naïve, smooth, and an elementary online task. I can discover a real fact when I create content and publish. I realize blogging is not my job. But I become melodious --- do or die --- stick with it until success. I must overcome the [...]

What is a Blog? it Sounds Easy!

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Blog. Blogging. And a new blogger. It sounds easy! I measured it as a simple task. After six months, when I learn what is a blog and how does it work for me. It becomes harder for me day by day. Blogging is a hard, complex and time-consuming job. Blogging is not for everybody. [...]

Desperation is a Fuel of Inspiration and Curiosity to Succeed.

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Three years ago, I was sick, that made me discontinued my 9-5 job. I was bed rest for 18 months and during this period I didn’t get the paycheck monthly. I was skill hand, that period I got offered many quality jobs, but I refused. My desperate increase curiosity to succeed. No money, no [...]

How to Handle Your Success Enemy?

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People love to enjoy, succeed and not to fail. But in real life experience, they struggle, face the hassle and not to avoid obstacles. Is there a way to secure life? Everybody wants to be a success. Sure, I am one of them. What about you? You should be. But most of us don’t [...]

What makes me become a writer?

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” — Virginia Woolf The first day of my blogging life, I understand I need to refine my writing skill. I realize writing skill is my basic credential & highlight points in blogging. I have curiosity, [...]

The Miracle Enticement of Article Comment Amazes Me!

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“If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it.”— Wally Lamb Article Comment is a tool, a business tool, and a hyper-power tool. Few people can use it. New bloggers get it detected so late. How to use comments to improve yourself, your exposure and grow your business. I show [...]

My Dear Reader! An Ideal Reader!

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Have you ever wondered whether there’s a method of writing more and better? You might think, you would be a brilliant writer. Yes, you can. Sure! Don’t worry. I show you the path. But who follows the path.  People want fruits, but they don't ready to make planting of fruits. It needs time, energy and [...]

Snatch The Diamond But Never Become A Thief!

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Few writers amaze me lots. Their writing style, picking dazzling words, and crafting sentences make me marvelous. I crave I could write like them! Do you ever think so? If you search for how to improve writing skill, a common suggestion is ‘Read More and Write More.’ You follow the advice but don’t meet the desired. [...]