The reader can write.

If you do reading practice, you will have the resources to write.

Most part of blogging is writing. We have found, those are serious of writing, they are advanced in blogging.

Writing is an art. The powerful writer can engage the reader in reading effortlessly. This is the writing skill. You need.

During writing, it needs an isolate and cool environment. When you are mentally busy, you should not write.

Writing for fun helping people without interest is miracle skill. Rare bloggers but they are available. People know them. Love them. People are waiting for their next writing. Their network is global.

Bogging is to make relation and connection with same level bloggers and pro bloggers.

They never come to you. You have to find them. You should make a relationship with them. They help you generously.

Writing for money never enters into people’s souls.

Find out people problem. Research how to solve the problem. Write a solution for people with no interest. A global network will grow up. This is blogging. Now, new bloggers are blogging for money. They don’t get traffic.

A realistic mindset is crucial to be blogging success. Blogging is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and simple. Succeed.

Writing Mistakes: 01-No read to write:

Write something is not enough in a competitive market. It should be a specific and unique solution. Be hyper-quality. You can write nobody else can write it before.

It needs in-depth long research. Whereas new bloggers can’t get time to read. It should not be. Reading ten articles with genuine comments is daily blogging practice.

Read. Then write. Blogging gives you what you give blogging. Writing skill is mandatory in blogging. Start from today. Don’t hold you back in reading.

Writing Mistakes: 02- Write what you like:

People want what they need. People search for what is their problem. People spend the time to read if they find value. They never spend the time to read what you like.

Are you writing now, for what? Do you check what they are searching for? Have you researched what your audience urgent need is? They are suffering for. Did you research how to solve their problems?

You personally think I will write about the topic for my audience. They never come reading this. They are searching for the solution elsewhere they can find.

This is the master rule you have to write what your audience urgent need is. Then people come to read on the post. If they are satisfied, you are a gainer. Otherwise, they move elsewhere to get the best one.

10 Writing mistakes When a new blogger writes.

10 Writing mistakes When a new blogger writes.

Writing Mistakes: 03- Write not reader intends.

Sometimes you write readers urgent need, but the post is not reader intend quality. You have to know deeply your audience behavior. Their choice is. Their buying capability is. Your competitors how can they solve their audience needs.

Thus, you have to learn the reader intends quality. You give a solution it is not enough. How they want it. It is a sensitive issue. If you can learn what their urgent problem is and how they want a solution, then you can write the reader intends solution.

Example, your niche is weight loss for women. You suggest a pill. The reader wants an organic pill. The pill is ok but it should be organic.

Writing Mistakes: 04- Write for Google.

You write. It is for Google not for the readers. Google becomes happy on you. You are able to satisfy Google through SEO strategies. Google sends you visitors. Visitors come to your post but get back quickly. Since it is not for visitors.

Traffic but not convert at all. Why? You don’t write for the readers. When you write, your brains dominate your hand considering Google. Google is ok. It sends you traffic continuously.

This is a great problem for new bloggers. They get traffic but not convert to leads.

When you write… write for readers. Then the reader will satisfy and keep reading and then subscribe.

You think your post is powerful… visitors are coming! Powerful is for Google. Not for visitors.

Writing Mistakes: 05- Copy-paste and word spinning.

It is a very great mistake if you do. Never stand out in the blogging community. You must read other articles but write on your own. Don’t spin words. Google get a setback your ranking as panelized.

Readers, you never can satisfy them. Copy paste content never can attract the reader and have no reading test. It is bad practice. Leave it, please.

When I started blogging, I wrote around 100,000 words above 20 articles and published them into LinkedIn within three months. Then I have started my blogging. At first, I have solved my writing problem. Can you believe me? It is true in my life.

Writing Mistakes: 06- Duplicate Content.

Check duplicate content by It is free. Maybe you will get 3-5 times daily free. You must pass your post through check.

Don’t publish before checking duplicate content. Don’t forget this. Google will penalize you for ranking. is nice. I have been using it for almost ten years.

Writing Mistakes: 07- Spelling and Grammar.


The above three is free online grammar checker and spelling checker. I always use them at a time one after one. Their quality is different. When you have passed your article through the three checkers, the article will be pure from grammar and spelling errors. If you have others, you can use them.

Writing Mistakes: 08- Readability score.

Don’t show your highest quality writing skill like making a complex sentence, long sentence and unknown hard word using. Come down. Be simple and easy approach.

Over the world, people read your content. All people are not qualified for English. So keep it easy and simple. And a short-form sentence. OK?

Readability score is considered as SEO metric. Easy and simple readability skill make you ranking up

Writing Mistakes: 09- Keyword design and layout.

The online issue, it must need SEO. You should have a strong skill in SEO strategies. In an article, where do you put your target keywords? Design and layout, you should have a clear idea. You don’t get organic traffic from the beginning but if SEO setting is ok. Then the traffic starts coming later.

Your post gets to reach people in search engine result pages through employment of updated SEO strategies.

Writing Mistakes: 10-No revision:

If you are native English, at least three times you should revise the articles as a new blogger. And if you are not native English, you should select your times by practical check. How many times do you need? I do at least 5 times. Please take it important.

For 10 minutes lazinesses, you make a great loss. You can’t recover it. Writing is your job. You need professionalism in writing.


Be careful. Don’t make a hurry. Go smart and creative way. Blogging is an honorable career. It needs ethics. It needs to be generous. It is fun helping people with no interest. You can get access to people to love. Blogging is for a global network making connection and relation. Grow up your writing skill and try to write for your audience problem solution freely.

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