Don’t choose a theme to see stunning images and decorative elements. Thus, you underrate your blogging weapon. Here is what I show top 10 WordPress themes for blogging in 2020.

A theme stands out with your product on the online crowd market. It strengthens you to compete with worldwide niche competitors.

And it takes part in driving your web traffic, increase your sales, and business revenue. How much a theme can intensify your business growth.

So how the theme should be? How to pick it for you make money blogging? That is a part of the dream, ambition, and the goal.

How to choose a theme? Eye-catching image, excellent slideshows, and color combination. Have you seen the world #1 website theme? How is it to look at it?

Google- theme

Google- theme

It is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and light. It can show its performance. Simplicity is the best decoration that works well. 

A theme makes your post beautify, attracts your reader, and convert them to a customer or both. A lightweight, premium quality WordPress theme equipped enough to attract visitors. It can hook your visitor to convert customers. 

Do you recognize the elements and how they work for you? A WP theme needs to drive traffic to your blog, make them leads, and convert them to customers.

Here is what I show you? How can a theme increase your sales and revenues? And how does it make intensify your blog as a performance machine?

How to buy your WordPress theme for your blog?

Best price, low-price, cheap, and discount are the words people search for buying online products. Online marketing, the blog, and its theme are like weapons. We need here to search for best-selling, top-rated, premium quality products.

The sale offers a coupon, discount, and promo code is not for highly demanded products. It uses to increase the clearance sale of low-quality products. The website theme NEVER should be low-quality themes.

The price is high, but the discount for the first voucher is OK for the best products.

Where can you buy your theme? The best place to buy is a matter of digital products. Envato is a premium digital products marketplace. Envato itself checks the product quality by highly professional to make sure quality services for its customers.

New products offer cashback guarantees to satisfy buyers. Best-selling products are on a pay first with self-services. 

Affordable prices are a matter. But you need to invest as capital in your business. 

The profit comes as a reward for taking a capital risk. So you need to invest as much as it needs.

You don’t need expensive and Luxury products. But, you need the products that refurbish persistently. 

How to buy themes and plugins? Nothing bargain for best selling, top-rated, and features products. 

Product reviews, ratings, and buyer comments on products are essential. Don’t ignore or avoid it. The best buy, great deals, and the wholesale rate are OK.

Watch Live demo, checkout template hierarchy, drag-drop, Elementor, Contact form, E-commerce, one-page window, and Visual composer.

How to choose a theme for your blog?

I don’t show you the images and decorations of themes that are premium quality, best-selling, and top quality. 

If you need more details of the theme, click on the link to check out their features, user-rated, and other offers. 

I want to show you how to use a theme to improve your business. You can learn the steps that I will make them more comfortable for you to absorb and carry out. 

The theme for your blog is the point where you must invest the money as much as it needs. 

NEVER search for a CHEAP, CHEAPER, and CHEAPEST theme. But your search for the top-rated, best-selling, and premium quality theme.

Tips 01: By choosing the perfect theme for your blog, it is the first step you can make your blog as a performing machine.

Link building, internal link, and backlinks are still ranking factors that stand out your site on search engine results.

Top 10 WordPress themes for blogging in 2020:

Ten business categories WP premium theme.  Pick one of them according to your business category.

01. Multipurpose theme:


I am using the AVADA theme. I am happy to use it. It can meet what I need for my mind satisfaction, for my blog needs, and my business requirements. 

Tips 02: After installing your theme, your main job is to learn how to use the theme. Watch theme tutorials with YouTube videos. Remember, tutorials are available on the theme owner site or YouTube. 

AVADA theme tutorial:

02. The Premium WP theme for Writer:


Tips-03: If you want to make the text dazzling, the surrounding decoration should lessen.. 

03. The Premium WP theme for Education


WPLMS Tutorial: 

Tips 04: Many features your theme have. But you don’t know. Then you search for plugins to get the services.

04. The Premium WP theme for the Real state


The7 WordPress Theme: 

Tips-05: The premium theme has features of Plugins. So you don’t need those plugins. Likewise, the plugin has features of other plugins. So you don’t need those plugins.

05. The Premium WP theme for a personal blog.


Tips-05: You may be a new blogger, but your theme is premium quality. So your theme makes you professional users. Learn how to use the theme. Then you can offer professional services to your customers.

06. The Premium WP theme for lifestyle.


Authentic theme tutorial: 

Tips-06: Use fewer plugins. The plugin increases your site weight. Solve the problem without plugins. Check existing plugins and theme features for the services. 

07. The WP theme for bloggers

Typology WP Theme Tutorial:

Tips-07: First, learn how to use them. Then apply and configure them in your blog. Check for the Technical and SEO Audit. Increase blog performance by 100%. Then you can start blogging. 

08. The WP theme for woo-commerce.


Woodmart tutorial:

Tips-08: Without completion of blogging and writing course, don’t start an e-commerce blog. In contrast, fear, doubt, and panic are your reward. E-commerce-blogging is so hard to stand out with your products.

09. The WP theme for the traveling blog.


Tips-09: Image should be, the fewer size as much as it required, high resolution with compressing. Images are the main problems to optimize page speed for mobile-friendly. 

Backpack traveler Tutorial:

10. The WP theme for affiliate marketing. 


REHUB WP theme tutorial:

How to use the theme on your blog?

Top 10 WordPress themes for blogging in 2020. You need a few specific services you can’t ignore them. The list of services is asunder.

  1. Optimize your blog for page loading speed for mobile-friendly. If your theme can offer the service, that is ok. Otherwise, you need to install a plugin for those services.
  2. First, you use the Yoast SEO plugin for free. But finally, you need a premium version. You should improve the updated SEO strategy. Focus keywords in title tags, meta descriptions in the meta tags are part of on-page SEO. The on-page SEO is for great content for your website, that still matters these days.
  3. AMP version. Google wants the AMP version for every website.  
  4. Image optimizer: If your theme has a way to optimize images, that is OK. Otherwise, you need a plugin. 
  5. Minify your HTML file, CSS files, and JavaScript files. 
  6. GZip compressure.
  7. Configure Google webmaster tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console on your website. Your theme should have the place to put the code. You don’t go inside the code editor.
  8. Carefully complete the blog SEO, such as site title, sub-title, categories, and tags. 
  9. Home page, About us and Contact us page is very crucial for Blog SEO. Google and visitors both together define your blog and business through observing these three pages.  
  10. Configure and set up Footer, Header, and Author bio and image.
  11. To make a technical audit and fix errors, if any.
  12. Make an SEO audit and fix them, if any.
  13. Check blog performance through the SEMrush tool. Keep the blog updated at 100%.
  14. Page speed test and mobile-friendly test and keeps score 90% up or at 100%.
  15. Breadcrumbs 
  16. Shema Markup, structural data, and rich snippets. Configure them and test them for success. The theme should give services.
  17. Cache optimizer
  18. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is one of the essential performance optimization components.
  19. SSL security certificate with your domain when you buy.
  20. Configure the social media account and sharing button.
  21. WordPress Themes for Blogging

After finishing above entire jobs, then you can blog. NEVER start blogging, keep pending any of the jobs is an obvious recommendation. 


You follow the above guideline. Your blog gets started with a strong foundation. That makes your website as a performing machine.

If you create a WordPress site, using the WordPress dashboard, with WordPress hosting, that is the best combination and blogging foundation. 

If your WordPress website integrated with premium WordPress theme and WordPress plugins, that will be a great solution achieving the business goal. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Following white hat SEO ignoring black hat SEO, write blog posts to optimize in SERPs.

You understand the importance of a high-quality premium theme. Here I show you Top 10 WordPress themes for blogging in 2020.

How to use them? How to increase business revenue using a higher rated WP theme?

A WordPress premium quality theme for your blog or website is not for eye-catching decoration, but it makes your blog a well-performing machine.