The niche is the backbone of a blog.

A center point of all blogging jobs is the niche.

Having niche ideas, you need before launching a new blog.

Niche helps you to understand your audience.

Blogging success depends on having a loyal audience behind your blog.

Successful bloggers stay strictly aligned with their blog niche topics. Don’t move aside.

New bloggers do blogging mistakes to select the right niche.

You need to do in-depth long research about a niche to get inside out. Please take it essential. Successful bloggers always do that.

When I have selected my niche, I have read around 150 articles strictly aligned my niche topics. I wrote one after one up to 20 articles about my niche and then published all in LinkedIn. Then I started a new blog.

That research makes me an expert on my niche and all blogging activities become easier for me.

The new bloggers get started their blog but they have no ideas what is a niche? How does it work for their blogging?

Because of that, fear, doubt and panic are always around them. They can’t get released from frustration. No traffic, no leads and even no sale.

You should have clear ideas about the niche before launching a new blog.

The niche means small market.

A group of people those have a common interest, passion, and problem. It should be narrow to stand out in the existing competitive market as a new blogger.


Say, your niche is Weight Loss. Those are the weighty male or female they are your audience. So, you get a niche and audience idea.

Weight Loss is a big market, high monthly search value, and heavy completion. You can’t get access to the wide market as a new blogger.

It should be narrow. Like Organic Weight Loss. It also is a big one. You need to come down one step more.

Organic Weight Loss for Women, yes, it may be. It has the other four steps. Do you know?

Organic Weight Loss for eldest

Organic Weight Loss for elder

Organic Weight Loss for younger

Organic Weight Loss for baby

The four above are different niches. Finally, you can choose Organic Weight Loss for Women as your niche.

the scenario above is about how to make narrow your niche.

The discussions above make you easier to digest 10 mistakes below.

Let’s go inside…

Blogging Mistakes: 01- You don’t have a niche:

Those are learning about blogging by searching for Google and YouTube is not called training. It just makes you messy, nothing else.

They really can’t understand what niche is. They can understand a niche when they give up blogging.

To understand a niche as a new blogger is a tough job. But you have to know. Those are properly trained or have strongly recommended ebook on blogging. They could understand the niche before launching a blog.

10 Blogging Mistake When New Blogger Select a Niche.

10 Blogging Mistake When New Blogger Select a Niche.

Blogging Mistakes: 02- Choosing a Broad Niche

New bloggers estimate broad niche means big income. Why shall we go to come down? They have no blogging ideas what does blogging work for them.

The broad niche has the millionaire, billionaire or highly professional bloggers. As a newbie, you can’t stand out there. Come down up to toleratable competition and the possibility of having profit.

Weight Loss => Organic Weight Loss => Organic Weight Loss for Women => Organic Weight Loss for a Young lady.

The example, how can you come down during the niche select?

Blogging Mistakes: 03- Choosing a Wrong Niche:

  1. Broad niche
  2. Niche no profit.
  3. The niche you have no idea
  4. The niche you don’t get interested
  5. Niche brand-new market. You need to take long times to build. Where has competition that means the market is ready?
  6. The complex niche you can’t understand easily.

The situation above means wrong niche selection.

Blogging Mistakes: 04- Not a Profitable Niche

After selecting a niche, you have to research whether products and service are valuable and available in the market for the niche. And the products are demandable to your audience. And you can earn a profit.

Example, your niche is BLUE SKY AND STARS. Your blog has tons of traffic. Which products you will sell in this audience?

Or your niche is religious topics. Your blog has thousands of traffic every day. There are some few products, but readers are not interested to buy.

So, it needs research whether it is profitable you have chosen.

Blogging Mistakes: 05- Come up with a very specific niche.

Your narrowness should be appropriate in niche selection. Otherwise, it has low competition but also has no business. It should not be.

Two factors you have to consider. One is low completion. Another is profitable. If it has low competition and no profit, how shall you do business?


Weight Loss => Organic Weight Loss => Organic Weight Loss for Women => Organic Weight Loss for a Young lady.

Organic Weight Loss for a Young Lady is ok. If you come down one step like Organic Weight Loss for Young Lady Face, it may have no profit.

Blogging Mistakes: 06- Neglecting Your Niche.

The blog needs all posts around niche topics. You should create post strongly aligned to your niche. Your site authority will increase. If you neglect it, your blog strength will be diversified. It is not so good in the future.

So keep in touch with your blog niche topics. The visitor doesn’t like verity businesses site as well.


My niche is blogging tips for a new blogger. This post title is “10 Blogging Mistakes: When New Bloggers Select a Niche.”

Guess what? Am I right strongly aligned with my niche topics?

10 Travel Mistake: When you are on traveling.” What do you say? Is it ok, strongly aligned my niche?

Yes, when you create a post, be careful avoiding your niche to be an aside.

Blogging Mistakes:07- Not having a strong niche:

  1. Strong niche means it has huge monthly search value.
  2. A niche market is already built.
  3. Competitors are available there.
  4. High-quality products and services are found for the audience.
  5. Audiences are ready to pay for getting a solution.
  6. You can tolerate competition.

The features above are all together is a strong niche.  It needs vast experience and long in-depth research to find out such kind of niche.

Blogging Mistakes: 08- Don’t make in-depth Research.

Many new bloggers can’t feel to find out a profitable niche. They just understand the product which they sell through blogs.


A new blogger visits Amazon to find out products for blogging. The blogger chooses the camera to sell in a blog. So the new blogger develops a blog and decorated the blog with the Amazon cameras.

Now, the blogger waits for traffic. No traffic, no leads and no sales. What is the blog niche, and who is the blog audience?

It is very complex to understand a niche for new bloggers.

So, to select a niche, you need in-depth long research.

Blogging Mistakes: 09- Not Check Existed Resources.

Say, you are a commerce graduate major subject is accounting. Now you are a manager of a restaurant for 5 years of experiences. Your hobby is home gardening. Your family business is a sports goods shop. Your parent is maintaining the shop.

  1. Online accounting software
  2. Food processor
  3. Home gardening tools
  4. Sport goods related niches

Choose any of the above niches; your previous experience will strongly help your blogging. Right?

If you choose online account software, your education will help to blog and to sell the product.

So before selecting your niche, you should consider whether you can choose previous experience related niche. Since you have to be a master on your niche. You need to gather huge knowledge.

Blogging Mistakes: 10- Don’t Understand Audience around Niche

when you understand and specify your niche, you should recognize your audience. It is a common rule. Make sure you are clear about your audience.

If you don’t recognize your audience, it is dangerous for blogging. Wait and recognize your audience first. Then go on.


My niche is blogging tips for the new blogger. All new bloggers globally are my audience. All new bloggers just have started blogging is my audience. Professional bloggers are not my audience. I follow them.


I have researched on why our new bloggers are failing. There are many reasons I found. One of the majors is that they can’t understand about niche while they are launching a blog.

New bloggers first wrong turn point from where they go nowhere. Pay focus on the right niche selection. This is a foundation of a blogging success to identify the perfect niche for a new blog.

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