Everything is ready.

Nobody knows.

Your product is of high quality.

Nobody knows.

You can do well. You are committed.

You are eager to help others. Nobody knows.

So it needs promotion.



Think alone, you have good stuff. How can people learn to use it as free or with a cost?

Otherwise, it will remain in its own place.

Nobody knows. Nobody gets. Nobody uses them. Then destroy.

So, it needs to reach people.

You have created a valuable post for solving your audience problems. How can reach the post to your audience? This is a promotion. Bloggers need to promote their post. The audience can get the benefit.

Blogging is fun helping people free to make a connection with pro bloggers and relation with people globally.

New bloggers can’t understand it quite quick and properly.

There are 10 blogging mistakes when they need to promote a post.

Let’s go inside…

Blogging Mistakes: 01- Not Using Marketing Plan

Bloggers should have marketing and promotional plan. This is not like that after publishing all post then promote all together.

Publishing and promotion are run together. Whenever you publish a post, immediately you need to promote it. If you have a pre-plan, everything goes perfectly. Otherwise, everything will be a disorder.

  1. Blog promotion
  2. Post promotion
  3. Brand promotion
  4. Person promotion

Your audience can understand you and your post easily through the above four ideas in the overcrowded Internet.

Blogging Mistakes: 02- Avoiding Social Media

To promote quickly, social media is a fast choice. You should have at least following social media accounts. Add your website on all social media profile. It is important, don’t forget this.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. Reddit
  7. Quora

10 Blogging Mistakes When new bloggers promote their posts.

Your website should be social media organized by social media account icon and sharing icon. Whenever you published a post, share immediately through share icon.

Look at the above image. The red rectangle is showing social media address icon. Your visitors easily get your social media account.

10 Blogging Mistakes When new bloggers promote their posts

Look at the above image right side red rectangle is showing social media sharing icons at the bottom of the post. You can share the post through the icons.

Blogging Mistakes: 03- Targeting Everyone

This is a wrong idea that everybody can be your customers. this idea is a great mistake in marketing. You have to know who your audiences are. You have to find them and reach to them.

When you create a post, whose problems you find out, write for whose solution and promote the post to them. The people problem you have created a solution, they have been searching for a solution till now.

How can you provide the solution to them is called marketing and promotion?

Blogging Mistakes: 04- Not using SEO

SEO is to discover data for Search Engine users. If your post is well-organized with SEO strategies, the post will reach target people. There are three problems.

  1. No SEO
  2. Old SEO
  3. Update SEO

Search engines are randomly changing their SEO strategies. So, you have to be updated. Proper SEO design and layout in the post and blog is essential to optimize your blog and post.

Many new bloggers don’t know what is SEO? Other bloggers know old SEO. These two are failed. You have to know updated on-page and off-page SEO strategies to implement accurately.

Keywords are the backbone of SEO strategies. Searchable keywords distribute and layout over the post at the right place.

Blogging Mistakes: 05- Not converting web traffic to customers:

Traffic is not your customers. You have to make them customers. Traffic makes you a possibility to grow up your business. Organic traffic means SEO success, one part of the business.

If social media send you traffic, you are a good promoter, sure. If your content is the reader-intend solution that we called quality content, your content can make reader subscriber. It is your second success. Your content is engaging, powerful and converter. Nice!

Now you have to do a mailing job. Make the subscribers engaged, active, repeat visitors. Thus, a trustworthy relation will grow up. This is a foundation of the blogging business.

This is called sale funnel. The web visitors will pass through a sale funnel overcoming one step to the next step and become customers.

It is called marketing strategies. Otherwise, visitors always remain visitors.

10 Blogging Mistakes When new bloggers promote their posts

10 Blogging Mistakes When new bloggers promote their posts

Blogging Mistakes: 06- Overlooking email marketing:

From the beginning, you should collect email through subscription from your visitor. If you have 5,000 genuine email lists, you don’t need to depend on organic traffic.

Visitors move elsewhere to get a more specific and unique solution. Visitors may not come to visit again. But if you have an email address, you can make a connection and relation with them. So be careful from the beginning to make the list.

It is saying money in the list.

Blogging Mistakes: 07- Poor Budgeting:

New bloggers fear to invest as a loss. Invest is not a loss. Invest in earning. Investing makes you ahead in blogging.

Smart and creative new bloggers invest where it is needed. Go smart way and get the stand out in the market. Free-bloggers are struggling behind with frustration. Most failed bloggers have used the free platform in blogging.

  1. High-quality domain
  2. High-speed hosting
  3. Premium Theme
  4. A course or Ebook

These above elements are fundamental equipment in blogging. Don’t be a cheapie in this regard. Otherwise, fear doubt and panic grasp you and pull you down.

Blogging Mistakes: 08- Not using a call-to-action

Your post should be strong enough to convert visitor one stage to another stage. Content passes the visitors through the sale funnel and makes them loyal customers.

The proper setting of the call to action in your content is vital. Otherwise, visitors always remain visitors. Call to action pushes them one step ahead.

Suppose, you are my visitor; I have blogging ebook in the Amazon.com regarding blogging. If I don’t inform you, how can you find out them? ‘The Leverage of Pinterest’  is one my Ebook name at $5.

In this post, I have already set up my ‘call to action.’ Do you realize that? If you can understand, this is an example of Call-To-Action.

Blogging Mistakes: 09- Overlooking Brand Promotion

Branding is important. Branding makes your customers recognize you easier. Everything should be unique. Color, font, size, page, image and else more, keep always the same. So, your audience can easily find out your product, post, and banners from the crowded market.

Blogging Mistakes: 10- Spamming

Blogging is a help, generous, relation and trust. To make audience trustworthy is a very sensitive job and longtime process.

You don’t know, or you can’t do is not a matter as a human. Fake, untruth, scam make your relation break into pieces immediately with a single touch.

Customers are really talented in buying. They can easily understand which one is fake, or which one is original. you don’t recommend what you don’t know physically and perfectly.

Your post title must commit to your post body. It is important. The title is an eye-catching but post information is very poor. It is bad.


New bloggers make the above mistakes as a beginner. If you can proceed on by avoiding these mistakes, you can succeed. Every step of blogging there are some right things and some wrong.

You should take the right and avoid wrong when you can identify the right and wrong differently.

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