A blog is an interesting and fun adventure.

Helping people freely is a powerful blogging formula.

Make a connection and relation with people globally.

Be informal, it is not formal.

Write like you talk like a friend at a coffee shop.

Sky-stars are always evergreen beauty. Since there is no formal decoration.

Forest like that. Travelers visit and get interested in informal decoration sports.

There is no prescribed form like one-size-fits-all; bloggers can follow to create a successful blog.

Blogging for money is the wrong idea. This is why new bloggers can’t find blogging mechanism how does blogging work for them.

Blogging is for fun helping people without interest to make connection and relation with people globally.

People love you, like you, trust you, and they are waiting for your next post. This is a strong business foundation.

Be basic. Blogging is basic.  Keep it basic and simple.

Blogging muster rule is helping others generously. Not only people but also help other bloggers.

Online money making comes from helping people freely.

If you have ideas of blogging for money, you can’t find the path bloggers go through ahead.

The example is that bloggers publish a post but no traffic. But blog audiences are searching elsewhere to find their solution. As bloggers can’t write for an audience but write for business. The audience doesn’t touch the sale pitch.

Have you ever searched for what your audience urgent needs? Did you do research on how to solve them? Did you create a post for a unique and specific solution nobody else created it before?

Let’s go inside deeper…

Blogging Mistakes: 01- Skipping Audience Research

When a new blog has been launched, research is required about the audience inside out. The in-depth research makes you well-known about your audience everything ins and outs. This research is a foundation to grow up your business.

Another search is for finding out audience problems and urgent needs. If you can exactly identify your audience and their problems, you just near to success in blogging, I am sure.

But those bloggers are blogging for money; they can’t understand the utility of the research. They are busy with the monetization process or method. They publish a post but no traffic. Their audiences are moving elsewhere to find their needs.

Identify your audience clearly, find out their urgent needs and do research on how to solve them, create a post specific and unique solution nobody else ever could do this before. It solves your traffic problems.

10 Blogging Mistakes When new bloggers create blog posts.

10 Blogging Mistakes When new bloggers create blog posts.

Blogging Mistakes: 02- No competitor’s research:

Third research is about your competitors. You have to know who they are. How they do business. How they serve their audience problems. Read their post. They are your elder in your niche market. They know better than you.

This research makes you clear how to provide service to your audiences. It is important. You can realize how the audiences want what kind of solution.

Your post is hyper quality, but audiences want another form. You have to provide the reader intend solution.

This information you can collect from your competitor’s analysis.

Blogging Mistakes: 03- Your topics are too broad.

Topics should be specific, and the solution must be unique. Look at the following two article title. Which is broad? Which one is narrow?

  1. What types of mistakes new bloggers do? [If it ten, suppose.]
  2. Blogging mistake while bloggers create a new post. [It is one of ten.]

Please note that it is important. Don’t create a broad concept post. Make them short ideas. I am writing ten articles about new bloggers mistakes. This article may be number seven.

When you find your audience urgent need, you need to create a post. How to proceed on creating the post?

How does your audience search for the solution on Google?

Example, My niche is blogging tips. An audience wants to create a new blog. The audience is searching for to learn how to create a new blog step by step. The audience never searches for “want to learn how to create a new blog step by step” on Google. The audience just writes.“create a new blog.”

This is called searchable keywords to find audience problems. By the searchable keywords, now, you search for on Google. Look at results first three pages. Who did create the posts and how they created the posts? Thus, you can understand how to write reader indent solution.

So, don’t take a broad concept to create a post. Make on how it should be?

The long successful posts aren’t successful because they are long. They are successful because they are detailed, well-researched and informative.

Blogging Mistakes: 04- Don’t optimize content for the search engines (SEO).

You need SEO updated ideas. How to implement SEO strategies in a blog post? Google is king for organic traffic. New bloggers don’t get organic traffic right now. Your post should be SEO organized. Organic traffic comes its own way if your posts are SEO oriented.

Pinterest is better for urgent traffic for new bloggers. But you have to know how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. As Pinterest is a visual search engine, it has own SEO strategies.

Other social media, you should share your post but not depend on consistent traffic.

Blogging Mistakes: 05- Don’t promote the blog post on social media.

The blog must be with social media design. There are two things. One is your social media address icon and another social media share icon.

When you publish a post, immediately share the post to all social media accounts. Don’t make delay.

If you get any action on your post, you must react there quickly.

As new bloggers, you may not get any like, comment and share. Don’t worry. People recognize you, your post and blog. It is important.

After a time, people take action; it is proven if all activities are ethical.

Blogging Mistakes: 06- Posting the optimum frequency.

How often you will post? Consistency in posting is important. The distance between posts has different ideas. If your blogging is for making money, it is better you keep a long distance. Like monthly one post is enough.

If your blogging is fun helping people without interest, you can post as much as you can daily. I like to publish three posts daily. Readers get energy and become happy. Since I never post aiming to sell any product.

Example, a blogger make a contract for the affiliate with a company site. Now, the blogger is thinking about how to write an article to sell the product. The reader clearly understands the article where to reach.

I have studied 10 gold standard affiliate sites. The reader can’t find any ad, banner, Adsense, sponsored ad and affiliate link but they are 100% affiliate sites.

The goal of blogging tells how often you should publish your post.

Blogging Mistakes: 07- No subscription CTA to your blog and set up an email newsletter.

Your post should be strong enough and motivated. Your reader becomes ready to subscribe. It is a better policy. It is my assumption; you should not bind your reader to subscribe.

I have seen many blogs, their subscribe-form at the sidebar.

Any system you should have to collect reader email address. The reader never comes to your blog again. But you can remind them by newsletter.

Blogging Mistakes: 08- Don’t have a Solid Blog Monetization Strategy:

From the beginning, you should have a transparent monetization method. It is not like that you will see later. Every step you should consider how to monetize the traffic.

When to start monetization? It is a big question for new bloggers. If you have one reader but trust you, then you can monetize the reader.

How to monetize traffic? This is a big question from almost new bloggers. Just it is selling. Think about what your audience needs to buy. You can suggest them to buy it. The trustworthy reader will follow your recommendation.

How can I monetize my blog? OK?

In my blog till now, you don’t find ads, banners, advertisements, sponsored ads, affiliate links. I am an author of ebook regarding the blog and Pinterest on Amazon. The Leverage of Pinterest is my ebook name you can find there. Those are new bloggers need urgent traffic; you can buy it at $5 only.

Think I have already monetized you, the reader. It is one kind of well-wisher advice to your audience. If they feel a need, they will buy.

Blogging Mistakes: 09- Not guest posting

The guest posting is important. It is an outreach policy. If you have no organic traffic, you find them who have traffic. You can write creative and informative articles. You offer them I am ready to post as a guest in your blog. You just give me my blog link.

When their reader read your article there, if it is interesting, the reader will find the author and through link come to your blog. Clear?

You also give others to a post in your blog as a guest.

The guest post may be payable and buyable now.

Blogging Mistakes: 10- Too Many Ads

What can I say here? Man to man, it is different. What is your business plan, I don’t know? But too much sale approach, the reader doesn’t like it. But we have to earn. How can you manage it you think?

Everybody gives you advice according to their mentality. Follow ethical fellow pro bloggers. They help you generously. Keep a relationship with them. I follow Ryan Biddulph.

Not Writing Powerful Conclusions:

After finishing, at the end of the post, you must Write Powerful Conclusions. It is important. The reader will get a brief idea again. Don’t make a long paragraph. It should have a strong CTA.

Leave thoughtful comments on other blogs:

It should be a habit. I try to read ten articles daily and write to comment there. There two benefits. One is you will get a connection and relation with the author. Another is you may get visitors from comment.

Can you believe me? I am getting huge traffic from Reddit and Quora. It comes only from comments.

Please note that writing mistakes and creating blog post mistakes, I have written separately. I don’t keep here any writing about.

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