Brand, a specific identity, it is.

People know you easily. They can find out you quickly.

Over the crowd, people can recognize you.

People keep you in memory, easily remember you.

Trustworthy is a basic of branding.

Quality product and quality service make the brand strong.

Keep commitment and be transparent is also grown up the branding.

The business brand is a key role in modern business.

All big business is branded.

Small business, you also grow up with branding image.

New bloggers can’t understand from the beginning easily and quickly. Following mistake, you should avoid them when you are a new blogger.

Blogging Mistakes: 01- Don’t know what is Brand.

“The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” -Dictionary

It is truly, branding is a more specific business identity. Color, font name, font size, logo, everywhere has a distinctive design. People can easily recognize you and your product.

A big company is branding with a logo, color, font else more. Small business, the entrepreneur’s face and the name is their brand. In the blogging community, Neil Patel, his name and face is a brand. A big company like Apple Technology Company, Apple logo is a brand.

So, new bloggers from the beginning, they should take care of own branding.

Blogging Mistakes: 02- Don’t know important of Branding.

These days, the brand is more important. All big companies are moving with own branding. It is easier to identify and quality assurance.

Expanding branding depends on the quality product and service assurance. Customers are also interested in the brand. They like branded products and service.

So, new bloggers should go with branding identity. When your brand is stand out,  your business grows its own way. Branding is one kind of marketing force.

Blogging Mistakes: 03- Don’t know how to expand Branding?

How to expand branding? Quality product and service are expanding the brand faster. Additional nursing you can arrange. As a small business, your name and face, you can keep it everywhere.

10 Blogging Mistakes: When New Blogger Needs Brand Expansion.

10 Blogging Mistakes: When New Blogger Needs Brand Expansion.

Look at the image above. My image and name are on the sidebar.

All social media URL, name, the image should be the same like as under.




Thus, you should keep everywhere similar URL, name, and image. So, a specific identity will grow up for your business. It is branding.

Blogging Mistakes: 04- Logo vs Personal Name.

Logo branding is for a big company, Join Venture Company, and a team of owners together operate the business. Personal identity is not possible there.

A personal business where the business owner is one, personal identity is best over the logo. New bloggers can use own name and image. Branding is an art. It needs brainstorming. How specific and unique design you can use in your business.

10 Blogging Mistakes When New Blogger Needs Brand Expansion.

10 Blogging Mistakes When New Blogger Needs Brand Expansion.

Look at the Pinterest Image.

I just change the background image. All-everything except the background is my brand pattern. When I save my pins, my followers easily find me to see the pattern/template.

Blogging Mistakes: 05- Don’t Test Paid Social Advertising Strategies

Expanding the brand quickly, paid social advertising strategies is best. Those bloggers have a budget, they should use paid social advertising strategies.

Organic branding will grow up slowly but it is very strong. You should take care of it. Small businesses like bloggers are famous on branding. Forbes, Social media examiner, Neil Patel are famous in the blogging community.

Blogging Mistakes: 06- Stop Trying to Please Everybody

The big branding mistake is targeting all people. Everybody becomes your customers. It can’t be. Your brand expansion needs only among your target audiences. Nothing else more, remember, please.

Only your audience people can understand you easily. Example, your niche is Weight Loss for Women. Do you need your branding awareness of men? Never, it is.

So check your audiences, find them and reach to them. Find their urgent need and solve them. Branding will grow up organically.

Blogging Mistakes: 07- No Connection with Influential People in your niche

In your niche market, those are influencers; you should have a connection with them and a relationship with them. In your niche market, many people know them before. You are a new blogger. Nobody knows you. If you make a relationship with them, they can help you.

Few pro bloggers are very generous. When you make a relationship with them, they help you. Their simple help makes you a few steps ahead. the influencers control modern business, especially on the online business brand.

Blogging Mistakes: 08- Don’t Try PPC Advertising

Cheap branding paid ads are PPC Advertising. If you have a budget and interested to expand quickly, the PPC ad is the best. Pay per click advertisement.

We have seen. Those are blogging success; they expend money smartly where it is needed. Thus, they become one step ahead. PPC Advertising is pretty quick branding expander.

Blogging Mistakes: 09- Don’t Take Care Audience

Branding needs to make a relation. Small business has a small audience. If you take care of your audience, providing the best service, discount, entertaining, newsletter sending with valuable information, your branding image will grow up strongly and quickly.

Keep value before a sale. Helping people with a fee of cost among your audience is original blogging. They know you, love you, and keep trusting you. Along with branding image will grow up.

Blogging Mistakes: 10- Don’t keep a budget for Brand Expansion.

Those new bloggers are giving priority on branding, from the beginning, they keep a budget for Brand Expansion. Smart and creative new blogger doesn’t fear to invest where it is needed. So within a short time, they can stand out in the existing market quickly.

Cheap blogger stays behind and struggles with frustration. Invest is not a loss. It makes a return as profit.

Big companies invest million- billion dollars for expanding their brand image. This is one kind of investments that make a return.


Nowadays, branding is vital. Customers are interested in the brand product. The small company also develop branding image. The brand has a separate value. The brand is saleable. Cheap products, if you add the brand logo, it becomes a high price. So new bloggers, be careful about branding. Your brand is an asset of your business.

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