A group of people.

Target a group of people.

They have a common interest, passion or problem.

New bloggers are doing blogging mistakes to identify them.

The audience may be zonal and global.

You choose their interest, passion or problem.

You do in-depth research on how to solve their problem. You may take interest or passion or problem.

You write a hyper quality solution for them.

This is the way; you and your audience get a chance to come to each other closely.

If your content is engaging, unique and specific, visitors are satisfied then they will subscribe.

If you can make them happy, engaged, active then they turn into a loyal audience.

This loyal audience is your strong business foundation behind your blog.

You can sell them they need.

What is my audience?

My niche is Blogging tips => blogging tips for new blogger.

Those people over the world want to start a blog or just have started a blog, they are my audience.

I write the post to reach the audience to make them close.

You, the reader, are my audience member.

If my post can satisfy you, you will be happy with me. Thus, we can come to close to each other.

If I am able to make you trust me, you are a member of my loyal audience.

What can I sell you? I have an ebook on Amazon about blogging.

Example, you need traffic. Pinterest is the best for the new blogger traffic source.

I have an ebook on Pinterest in Amazon name “The leverage of Pinterest.”

I suggest you buy the ebook at $5 only.

If you keep trust in me that my suggestion is very helpful to you, then you will buy it.

I explain above all a scenario of the audience, how to close them, how to make them trust and how to sell.

Always you should follow pro bloggers. They can help you generously. They have done what are you doing.

We have seen, new bloggers can’t understand their own audience.

How to find their urgent problems or need if you don’t recognize them?

How do you write the exact solution what and how they need?

In this issue, new bloggers make a few mistakes that keep them far away from the blogging goal.

Let’s go into deeper…

Blogging Mistakes: 01- What is the audience?

An audience is a target group of people those have a similar interest, passion or need.

Example, your niche is Weight loss => weight loss for women.

All weighty women over the world are your audience.

Your niche is Home Gardening Tools.

Those have a home garden over the world they are your audience.

All new bloggers over the world are my audience.

If you don’t understand your audience clearly, the can’t give them services and products

Blogging Mistakes: 02- Research for Audience.

When you have decided your audience, you need in-depth research to know about the audience in detail.

  1. They are male or female.
  2. They are younger or older.
  3. Who are your competitors?
  4. How they serve their audience support?
  5. What is audience urgent need?
  6. How can you solve them?
  7. Which product or service you can sell them?
  8. Whether you can profit in your niche
  9. Why does the audience come to you leaving your competitors?
  10. How can be unique and specific more than your competitor?

I have just explained here a few research factors. You should understand what research you need for the audience.

10 Blogging Mistake When new blogger builds Audience.

10 Blogging Mistake When new blogger builds Audience.

Blogging Mistakes: 03- Audience Analysis:

Say, your niche is Weight Loss for Women. So, there are no men here.

Woman’s age-wise classify like eldest=> elder => young => baby

Rich country and poor country, the poor country has a few weighty women.

Their affordability is important.

What products are available in the market? Which will be best for your audience?

What kind of exercise they can do?

All factors related to woman’s weight loss, you have classified and clarified for the best service you can provide your audience.

Blogging Mistakes: 04- List Building:

People tend to move here and there to find out the best solution they can achieve. So, one visitor visits your post. Your post is strong enough to subscribe to the visitor.

Visitors move here and there. But you have a source to bring them again by email list. It is important to collect email list from visitors through subscribed.

How to collect email list?

Say, your niche is Weight Loss for women. You create an ebook on physical exercise on the morning and evening. Ebook must keep value to your audience. You don’t sell it but give them free. You just ask fee download ebook through subscription.

People will be ready to get valuable stuff with free of cost through subscription.

Blogging Mistakes: 05- Social Media:

Social media is a place where you keep your audience active, engaged and entertained. Most of the people are using social media. This is not targeted for traffic but engagement.

All post share in social media through social media icon on your post. If they take any action, you should react quickly.

06- Engaged and Active Audience:

Start to be a success a new blog, there are few stages you need to pass through those stages until success. Those are loss-blogger, they stuck in various stages. They can’t overcome the stage.

  1. Blog launch period.
  2. Blog launch to traffic generating period.
  3. Traffic generation to convert period.

This kind of several stages blogger needs to overcome to be a success. Traffic generation to convert period stage is very hard and complex. Loss bloggers are stuck in here.

When visitors have subscribed, blogger main job is starting from here. New bloggers think traffics are coming we are near to success.

You need the subscribers engaged, active and repeat visitors. This is not a blog job. This is only bloggers job.

Blog job makes the visitors subscribed.

Blogger makes the subscriber customer.

Blogging Mistakes: 07- Loyal Audience:

Most new bloggers don’t know what a loyal audience is and how can make the audience loyal?

Visitors should be a loyal audience. They keep trust on you. This is a time-consuming job. Various ways you need proving them you are their well-wisher.

Blogging for money, those bloggers can’t get access to the audience easily and quickly.

Blogging is for fun helping people without interest to make connection and relation with people global. They can achieve easily and quickly audience trust.

The trustworthy audience is the business foundation for blogger.

Blogging Mistakes: 08- Find out Audience urgent need.

New bloggers write what they like. Readers find elsewhere what they need.

New bloggers don’t get traffic, this is why. Find out what your audience needs.

I have just read 100 articles on “Blogging mistakes”. I am writing about blogging mistakes, Why?

I could understand, the awareness of blogging mistakes to my audience is an urgent need. Otherwise, they are failing.

So, make research on your audience urgent need, find out a unique and specific solution. Then create a high-quality post and publish. You will get traffic.

Blogging Mistakes: 09- Write for the Audience.

New bloggers write for Google. How Google will satisfy to send visitors. You are almost success. Traffic is coming. But visitors get back quickly. Visitors leave the post quickly, why? The post is not for visitors. They go elsewhere to find their need.

So, you write for the audience first. Then you check SEO strategies set up. New bloggers can’t realize they are writing for Google.

Blogging Mistakes: 10- Get in touch with the customer after the sale.

When you make a sale to your customer, you have no responsibility to provide after sale services as an affiliate. But you should get in touch with them. You can ask them about the product. If they feel any problem, you can remind your merchant to serve them.

If you feel need according to your product, you can make a video tutorial to use the product. Something like that.

Thus, your audience will keep happy. They promote your products to others.


The very long discussion it is. I personally feel that our new bloggers can’t understand how to handle the audience. There are many mistakes they have done.

If you understand your audience and how to manage them, your blogging business becomes a success in the near future. I hope

If you are a new blogger and think it is very helpful for you, you should read it several times. This is a critical issue in blogging.

Hasan Habib

I am Hasan Habib from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am the father of three sons.

I was in a job. Now, I am fulltime engaged Blogger.

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