Blogging mistakes, the mistake are a part of success.

Successes, you can’t find them without mistake before.

Mistake and success come from the same resource.

The success comes behind to fail.

Mistakes make the man perfect.

One baby when first tries to stand up, how many times it fails. Then succeed.

Business has two sides: success or failure. If you fear to fail, you never get a chance to be a success.

The fail is a part of the investment. Investment is not a loss. People invest to earn.

Blogging is legit and its income is proven. You just don’t know how it works for you, nothing else.

Blogging has many ways to be a success. One path is safe, no fear, no doubt, and no panic. Success is committed. Blogging elevates you where you can’t estimate.

New bloggers can’t find the path or understand the path or recognize the path. Blogging for money never realize the path.

A blog is an interesting and fun adventure.

Blogging is for fun helping people free to make connection and relation with people globally. You can get access to people’s soul. They know you. They love you. They like you. They keep trust on you.

This is the fundamental foundation of the blogging business. Blogging for money can’t find the path.

Blogging is not a business. Blogging is for a business. Blogging is fun helping people freely.

Blogging for money to keep always frustrated. Fear, doubt and panic are moving around the bloggers. Fear, doubt, and panic all together pull the blogger down.

Blogging is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic. Succeed.

Ok. Let’s go into deeper…

Blogging Mistakes: 01- Can’t Identify Exactly Where the Blog is stuck in:

Loss-bloggers can’t identify exactly where the blog is stuck in. it is essential to find out. Reasons may be avoidable, toleratable or easy to fix.

  1. Lack of traffic.
  2. Traffic but no leads and sales
  3. The income stream is not consistent.
  4. Have no time to spend on blogging.

If you have no time to spend in blogging, you are requested to give up as early as possible. Blogging is a hunter of times, efforts, patient and persistent.

It is quite possible to stand out blogging if it is stuck in the above three reasons. How is it possible? It is a long discussion, but it is possible.

Blogging Mistakes: 02- Don’t Take Pro Blogger Advice:

Blogging is for connection and relation. Going alone is not a good idea. New bloggers need to make connection and relation with same level bloggers and pro bloggers. Some pro bloggers are generous.

If you take advice from them, share with them, follow them, I am sure you can solve the problems.

If you are near to give up, take the advice from fellow bloggers quickly.

Blogging Mistakes: 03- Part-time Bloggers are Mainly Failed:

10 Blogging Mistakes When Loss-Blogger Gives up Blogging.

10 Blogging Mistakes When Loss-Blogger Gives up Blogging.

Blogging is a long-process, full-time engaged and countless persistent effort jobs. If you are professional bloggers, you can do the part-time. No problem. But if you are new bloggers, never take as part-time.

I am a man blogging 12-14 hours daily. I can’t manage my schedule job daily.

If you are part-time, make it now full-time. Make relation with pro bloggers. Take advice from them.

Blogging Mistakes: 04- Do or Die, Stick With it Until Success:

Blogging is proven to get rich business. You need confidence and full time engaging. Be patient and effort with persistent.

I myself was in 4 months closed-door. Leave everything for blogging. Follow the fellow bloggers. Fear, doubt, panic, and frustration never come to me.

I am blogging for fun helping people freely.

Blogging Mistakes: 05- No Patient:

Most new bloggers fall into online scammer traps. Bloggers learn from scammer unrealistic hope and the wrong mindset. So they can’t keep the patient. They want automation, a bypass road, top-secret. Finally, they become frustrated. Bloggers don’t keep the patient longer.

If you are one of them, change your mindset, take blogging as full time. Start blogging in full sewing.

Blogging Mistakes: 06- No Persistent:

Blogging can’t stand out without persistent efforts. Without trained blogger can’t keep persistent in efforts. Learning from here and there searching for on Google and YouTube is not called training.

Part-time bloggers also can’t keep persistent. As their progress report is slow. They can’t get inspiration from blogging progress.

Blogging Mistakes: 07- Free or Cheap Platform Blog:

New bloggers fear to invest as a loss. Invest is not a loss. People invent in business for earning. Some smart and creative bloggers invest where it is needed. So, they run the smart way and get a stand out in the market quickly.

Free or cheap platform bloggers stay behind with struggle and frustration. Blogging is a world famous online business model. You will access there through the free or cheap platform.

  1. High-class Domain
  2. High-speed hosts
  3. Premium Theme
  4. Course or ebook

The elements above need high quality for blogging success.

Blogging Mistakes: 08- Blog is OK, Blogger can’t Measure Blog progress:

Sometimes, it is sounds blog is ok, running well. But blogger can’t measure blogging progress. There is no traffic, no like, no comment and no share. So the blog is dead. Everything is working behind a well. I am a full-time blogger. I can’t see the progress until three months passed.

Bloggers are not trained. So, they can’t measure blogging progress.

Blogging Mistakes: 09- Blog is Near to Success:

Some loss-bloggers give up the blog on the eve of being a success. Just it needs some patience and efforts with persistent. If they stay in touch with pro bloggers, they could ask them some help. They could become then for success.

It is important that you don’t go alone. Keep a relation with the same bloggers and hang up with pro bloggers those are generous. They will help you freely.

Blogging Mistakes: 10- Blog for Money can’t Get Right Path:

Blogging is not like that you keep confusion whether it works for you. Blogging must work for you. But you have to know how and when blogging will work for you.

Many ways people get success in blogging. There is a path where you will sure success in. It is secure and easier, as well. But blogging for money can’t recognize it. Success in the path is without any fail.

Blogging is not a business. Blogging is for a business.

Blogging is fun helping people free to make connection and relation with people globally. Then people like you. People love you. People keep trust on you. People will wait for your next post. This is the fundamental foundation of strong business.

Blogging for money never find the path, realize the path, and recognize the path.


Those bloggers gave up blogging or near to give up. I hope you change your mind and start again with full sewing. You should learn to earn. Proper trained is the key to be a success.

This blog is for new bloggers. Steel I can keep the rule, there is no monetization link. You can visit here without any doubt.

Hasan Habib

I am Hasan Habib from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am the father of three sons.

I was in a job. Now, I am fulltime engaged Blogger.

I am writing about blogging. I also train new blogger.


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