Blogging is a nice decision as a fulltime job. It is harder than it sounds. Blogging success is almost challenging. Take steps everywhere carefully with perfect knowledge avoiding blogging mistakes, then it becomes easy.

Most new bloggers are misguided by online scammers. Be careful. Keep distance. Something fast, automation, top secret, 6-figure monthly, no invests, no skill, these are scammer’s sounds.

After launching the blog before earning, this period is dangerous for new bloggers.  If you take the wrong turn, go nowhere.

New bloggers go fast in this period. Relax and be cool. Go ahead with a realistic mindset. Search engine always looks into the new blog.

  1. Quality or quantity
  2. Scam or legit
  3. Fast or slow-steady
  4. Copy-paste or unique content
  5. Whether strictly aligned to niche topics

If you do everything right way, your new blog is getting authority gradually.

From the beginning, you should make a relationship with pro bloggers. They will help you. You will get the right direction. Read their blog post and put comments on their post regularly. They can recognize you easily. Please don’t forget it.

Following ten mistakes, normally new bloggers make easily. To avoid these mistakes, you can overcome the dangerous period safely.

Blogging Mistakes: 01- No Business Plan:

New bloggers proceed on without a plan. You need a business plan. Take all the jobs list and distribution efforts, time and money among them. Create a checklist along with the plan. Every step, you can complete accurately and timely without any fail.

So your progress will be with balance. The plan makes you control being disorder in your business.

Blogging Mistakes: 02- Early Launching:

After buying domain-hosting, there are few configuring jobs.

  1. WordPress Installation.
  2. Blog configuration
  3. Theme setting up
  4. SEO design and layout
  5. Google analytic
  6. Google search console
  7. About us page
  8. Contact us page
  9. Email Subscription integration
  10. Use blog link in all social accounts

You have to do the above jobs one time in the beginning. But it needs to be perfect everywhere.  So don’t launch the blog to people reach with half-done.

Blogging Mistakes: 03- 10-20 Blog posts.

At the launching time, your blog should have at least 10-20 high-quality blog posts.  If there are 2-3 posts that is poor quality, your audience treats you as a beginner. They never come to your blog again.

The blog will be packed with posts. And the post must be high-quality. If you get the first impression in your audience good, it a good sign as a new blog.

If you don’t write high-quality content first, you can hire a freelance writer. Don’t fear to invest where it is needed.

Blogging Mistakes: 04 Invests are not a loss.

Blogging is a world-famous earning source. Do you know pro blogger position and their earnings? So, don’t use a free platform. Don’t fear to invest. Don’t be a cheapie.

Investing makes you faster and quality approach to your audience. Loss-blogger always takes invest as a loss. Invest means earning back. Now invest here, go ahead professional way.

  1. Premium Theme
  2. Blogging tools
  3. High-quality ebook

Some smart and creative bloggers invest where it needs. Within a short time, they stand out in the competitive market. At the same time, free platform bloggers are struggling behind with frustration.

10 Blogging mistakes After launching a new blog.

10 Blogging mistakes After launching a new blog.

Blogging Mistakes: 05- No Read to Write.

The reader can write. 10 articles read daily and put comments there strictly aligned to your blog niche topics. Thus, your writing quality improves.

Blogging is writing. Those are advanced in writing, I found them quick ahead.

I have read around 100 articles before writing this article. Can you believe me? It is true. I will write ten articles on blogging mistakes. This one is second. First one is published.

Spend time daily to read. When I started this blog, I have researched my niche reading around 150 articles. Then start this blog.

10 Blogging Mistakes before Launching a Blog!

Blogging Mistakes: 06- Poor SEO Knowledge.

Your blog needs to reach people. SEO strategies are the ways to display on search engine results according to your SEO design and layout on your blog and blog-posts.

If you don’t know what SEO is and how to use it, you don’t get visitors. Don’t depend on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for traffics.

You should use Pinterest for traffic. Pinterest has own SEO and search result algorithm. So, learning SEO strategies is vital. You should be an SEO pro for Blogging life.

Blogging Mistakes: 07- Email Listing.

From the beginning, you should have a plan on how to do email marketing. You need auto-responder software. And setting the subscribe form on your blog and blog post.

Business strategy is varied man to man. Some bloggers collect the subscription nearly by force. Some bloggers are very flexible.

Like that, if you want to read the blog post you must subscribe first. I have found many blogs keep the subscribed form on the sidebar. Those are willingly interested, they will subscribe.

If you say, people never give their email us willingly. I am the man who gets subscriptions from the readers willingly. They are genuine. They are waiting for the newsletter when we send them.

Because I am blogging for fun helping people without interest to make connection and relation with people globally. It is called generosity.

Blogging Mistakes: 08- Focus on Decoration.

Sometimes, new blogger pays attention to decoration more than quality features. If you can provide high-quality killer content, people will find out you where you are.

Decoration doesn’t help you in blogging. The premium quality theme is more than enough. Improve your writing quality. It is a basic skill of blogging.

I have researched 10-15 successful blogs and their gold standard features. My blogging mentality has been changed from then. You can’t see ads, banners, sponsored ads or affiliate link in my blog till now.

Blogging Mistakes: 09- Wrong Promotions.

Promotion is essential. How can people understand you and your blog? Google is king to promote through organic traffic. But it can take 6-8 months. So, you just organize SEO strategies on all your post. Google organic traffic will come its own way.

Now you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. It is recommended you to buy the ebook of Pinterest. In Amazon, you can find ‘The leverage of Pinterest‘ by $5. You can get started traffic quickly.

After publishing your post, share it immediately through social media share icon to all social media you have accounts.

Blogging Mistakes: 10- Wrong Monetization.

To earn money from your blog, a trustworthy audience needs behind your blog. Web visitors are not your customers. You need to make them customers. If your content is engaging and convinces visitors to make subscribers, then you will get a chance to make them engaged, active, repeat visitor and trust on you through email.

If your content fails to keep visitors satisfied, monetization will be tough.

What will you sell to your audience? It is according to your audience and your niche.

For example,

My niche is blogging tips => blogging tips for the new blogger.

So, my target audience is those are going to start a new blog. What shall I sell them?

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Advertisement and banners
  3. Affiliate product or service (domain, Hosting, Theme, Blogging tools)
  4. Sponsored ads or post
  5. The self-product like Ebook.

I am selling the ebook in Amazon only.  I haven’t used other ways of income till now.

So, you should plan on how to monetize your blog.

Early monetization is not so good. You should take time to grow a trustworthy audience behind your blog.


Human makes mistakes. It is a common feature. Those are alert before making a mistake, people called them intelligent. Those are careless, they are foolish. Blogging is a full-time engaging job.

Blogging is fun helping people without interest to make connection and relationship with people globally.

Blogging is basic. Be basic and keep it basic and simple.

Hasan Habib

I am Hasan Habib from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am the father of three sons.

I was in a job. Now, I am fulltime engaged Blogger.

I am writing about blogging. I also train new blogger.


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