Blogging has no one-fit-rules. So that all bloggers can follow these rules to be successes. Blogging is informal. People learn to blog on experiments which does work and which doesn’t work.

Search engine algorithms are always changing unevenly. All the experience you have learned becomes faded. You need to keep updated always with Google and Social Media.

One time something was mistaken and sometime later those become right.

On the other hand, all people are not the same. Blogs niches are not the same. Their audiences are not the same. Their products are not the same. Bloggers education and ages are not the same. That means everything is unique.

When people show their experiences, these are something always different. Some pro bloggers say, “blog post length should be 3,000 words or plus. ” Some pro bloggers say, “Long-short does not matter. Post length should be a proper description of the title. It may be short or it may be longer where it needs. By force, it doesn’t need to extend. ”

Don’t confuse by these kinds of different. One believes can solve all confusions.

Blogging is not for money. Blogging is fun helping people without interest to make relation and connection with people globally. Then you find out everything is evergreen.

Blogging is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and simple.

Let’s dive to 10 mistakes on the post title.

Blog Mistakes: 01- The title is irrelevant to the post body.

Blogging is based on trust. If you can understand this blogging secret, success comes in front of you very soon. How much you can be trustworthy to your audience? It is very sensitive. Very sharp ideas it is and very hard to implement it at the right place.

The post title is one of them where if you make a mistake here, relation with the reader may be disappeared immediately. So, the title should represent the full post point of view.

Blog Mistakes: 02- Title with a broad concept.

‘101 List of blogging mistakes’ and ‘10 mistakes on post title’, which one is broad?

Post title should be a short idea with an elaborate description. So, people get a complete solution to a problem with specific and unique ideas.

80% of readers read titles only. People have no times. If the post title can be attractive to read, the reader visits the post.

So, be careful about the post title. It needs brainstorming and analysis. How to convince the visitor

10 blog mistakes on post title No visitors on my blog post.

10 blog mistakes on post title No visitors on my blog post.

Blog Mistakes: The title is not searchable keywords enriched.

“10 blog mistakes on post title: No visitors on my blog post” in my title there are three searchable keywords. People use these keywords to search for on Google and Pinterest to discover ideas.

  1. blog mistake
  2. blog post
  3. post title

In your title, it must have searchable keywords clearly. It is SEO strategies for the search engine. People never write a full sentence on Google. They write keywords on the search box to get data. If you have SEO knowledge, you can understand what I am saying here. Or you should learn SEO quickly.

Blog Mistakes: The title is too long.

“Google typically displays the first 50–60 characters of a title tag” —Moz

“10 blog mistakes on post title: No visitors on my blog post!” In my blog post title, there are 60 characters. I spent around 30 min to set up my blog post title organizing keywords and title length.

So it is important to build a helpful post title. It is not easier it sounds. A heavy tough job it is. 80% of readers read your blog post title only. How much creative and smart it should be.

Blog Mistakes: Title spelling and grammar mistake

If the title shows spelling or grammar mistake, how can attract visitors? Don’t make hurry in this issue. Be careful and always take time.

Writing is a hard job. People become tired after wringing though they have written sitting on a chair without moving. When you finish the draft, keep it aside for a long time. Then revise it again and again.

Pay attention to the title, how much it becomes accurate?

Blog Mistakes: The title is not committed to the reader.

It is near to the number one mistake. But I put here to show another angle. The reader is attracted by your eye-catching post title. When the reader read the post, the reader can’t get more information about what is offering in the title.

It is very bad. One kind of spam it is. So be careful. We can’t see the visitors, but visitors visit our blog with a hope of correct information.

Blog Mistakes: The title can’t attract real visitors.

Bloggers should smart, dedicated and creative. The title must show your creativity. How much attract visitors and real visitors? Actually, this is the title’s job. How much value your post can provide? How can people understand, if they don’t visit the post

Blog Mistakes: Call to action and Urgency in the title.

“Who else more not identify blogging #1 enemy?”


“You should identify #1 blogging enemy.”

Look at the above two titles. Which one is the best for ‘call to action’ and urgency?

It is blogger creativity. One thing, but how can you present to call the people to take action urgently.

Blog Mistakes: Number List

Google and even visitors like number list title. Look at the title below.

 “10 blog mistakes on post title: No visitors on my blog post.”

Please note that when you use number, number show is around 10 tips.

“64 blogging mistakes, we should avoid being a success”

It may be more informative, but too much point is not so good for readers.

Blog Mistakes: How to, Best of and Top Ten.

How to create the best blog post title?

Best of blog post title ideas.

Top ten bloggers list globally.

Research shows the result that these kinds of post title can attract visitors quickly. So, you should use them timely.


These are all arts and sciences I explained here how to create post title accurately. This is my experience I show you. You may have other experiences. Blogging has no one-fit-model; we all follow it to be a success.

I have read around 100 articles before writing this article. If you have another more, you can put it comment for us.

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