On what topic are you good enough? Can you teach people, on that topic? OK. If you have a higher dream of being a blogger, now you are in the right place. This blog is for the Ultimate Guide On How To Blog for Beginners.

Well. To help people is the starting point of blogging. As if people can recognize, you are an expert on that topic, and then they keep the trust in your skills. Are you clear on the matter?

And thus, Google can understand your skills on the topic you write for readers. The improving blog performance score is one of the best SEO metrics. Here is what I explained the core concept of blogging for you.

Sound cool? Right?

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”

As a blogger, everything that you do flows from understanding your audience.

And seeking to help them as much as possible. –Brian Clark

What is your biggest passion? In which matter you will burn your valuable life forward?

If the matter is helping people without interest or just for funs, your spirit deserves inspiration.

Blogging? Blogger? Blog?

If yes, nothing wrong happened, you are on the right track. Learn from the starting point blogging is one of the best ways to help people.

Do you know the secured path in blogging, which compels you to go more relaxed and faster forward? Here is the matter you should not mistake choosing the right things.

Do you have any questions? How to earn more money — faster –with no or fewer efforts — even without spending money at all? If you have an interest in the topic, you never find the right path. This idea is enough to go nowhere online.

Your blog journey gets started from now on!

Blogging and writing courses in 2020:

You need to complete online blogging and writing courses. In contrast,  you can’t measure the full blogging process from top to bottom. Where to start? How to start? And then how to proceed on?

How to handle obstracles, hassles, and disaster on the way to blogging success? Learning by the search for blogging on Google and YouTube, you get simple ideas about blogging, but these are not skills to work. In contrast, you need to have experimental skills.

Hosting from WordPress, WordPress for content marketing system, WordPress blog with WP theme, and plugins is the best comfortable combination to start a blog.

Do you know? WP blog integrated with Yoast SEO, Rocket, and Jetpack plugins makes you pro blogger.

Envato — ThemeForest — the premium WordPress blog theme is the first successful step in blogging.

Well. Part-time bloggers, free platform users, and unskill bloggers are failures. Do you know 90% of new bloggers get fail?

The blogging tips for beginners.

But in the truth, blogging success depends on maturity, but not strategically. So it takes time to earn maturity in all skills.

In real fact, you don’t find out any push-button or auto-switch, automation software, and bypass road to run faster and easier. You need to invest time, money, and effort persistently with a long patient.

So blogging is a proven earning method. Blogging will work for you if you come up with the right direction and a realistic mindset. Right?

Make sure blogging is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, and time-consuming jobs.

Search engine optimization:

Do you have SEO ideas? It needs in-depth research to discover what works for you and whatnot. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

If once you become an SEO professional on the updated SEO skills, and then organic traffic is your reward.

In general, Google must favor you if you invest time, energy, and money in the right places persistently. Google wants you to strive for clarity.

No doubt, you need to have hyper-super skills on your niche topics, niche market, niche audience, and niche products and services.

How to monetize a blog?

CMS stands for the content management system. WordPress is one of the best popular free CMS platforms.

How to make money for your blog? Make money blogging is a matter. Your personal blog should have great content to monetize.

High-quality content drives readership and subscribes to increase email list for email marketing. It is a successful making money method.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best blog monetization system. You need to learn around affiliate asunder.

  1. Affiliate Blog
  2. Affiliate Network Sites Such as Cj, Clickbank, and Shareasale.
  3. And, Affiliate Programs 
  4. Affiliate Product 
  5. Affiliate Commission
  6. And, Affiliate Links
  7. Affiliate Amazon
  8. Affiliate Disclosure
  9. And, Affiliate Income
  10. Affiliate Keywords

Social media: 

Social media is an easy and effective method to drive traffic to a blog for a beginner. Newbie shares a post on social media to promote their blog. But in truth, an only friend building skill is not enough to grow social media marketing.

Do you know? Social media is the best way to build websites’ authority. So you have to increase essential ideas for growing audiences.

And then, apply the proven techniques step-by-step on how to create a trustworthy audience in social media.

A set of rules and guides we’ve got that hit on page views through social media. The frugal writers are masters of social media today. To drive traffic, share their live experience top ten posts.

Advance blogging tips for beginners:

So you need to be a smart blogger. And you should have to be a reader persuasive writer. And even you have to have brilliant writing skills. An thus, blogging success gives you a thank. The blogging tips are for beginners.

  1. Do you know? This blog provides essential, basic tips and tricks that are critical for newbies to follow. And then how to be successful in online business. Be clear about experts’ advice on how to avoid common mistakes in blogging.
  2. For your website, you need web hosting providers such as WordPress, SiteGround, Bluehost, Hubspot, Hostgator, and Self-hosted.
  3. Do you like personal blogs, niche blogs, or money-making blogs? How to start a blog? Install WordPress integrated with WordPress plugins such as Jetpack that is a blogging platform. It has a WordPress dashboard that is a page builder.
  4. Follow Google webmaster guidelines about blog posts, backlinks, on-page SEO, optimized site, and how to increase an authoritative for a new blog.
  5. After starting a blog, the first blog to have high-quality blog content for Google and other search engines.
  6. Your blog using WordPress, it needs a multipurpose, responsive design, and premium WordPress theme.
  7. Avoid free WordPress themes even though it is premium themes. Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz are advance blogging tools.
  8. YouTube has enormous video resources, such as guides, tutorials, and case studies. Pick a plan, take steps, and make a list of useful offers on how to earn money. But don’t get confused about popular monetization methods.
  9. How to come to a lot of income? The income comes to its ways timely. Most planning is wondering about business growth in income in a day, weekly and monthly.
  10. You’ll read ebooks to learn guides and strategies on how to succeed. You learn and think about how to get started your blog running well.

How to start a blog that make money? Have you completed the blogging course?